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Discussion in 'Sold/Expired Classifieds' started by James McFadyen, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. James McFadyen

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    Fife, Scotland
    Attending to your Brass Band Needs

    This is your chance to make a difference. At JMP, Customer service is and always has been a major part of our promise to the needs of Brass Bands.

    By becoming a member of James McFadyen Publishing for only £150 per year, you will be treated like Brass Band royalty –

    Free Brass Band music every month of your year (worth around £300)

    Dedicated webpage of your band at

    Online Professional Cards for every member of your band. (that’s worth upto £300 or more)

    Enjoy a commission rate of £50 per minute of music (you save £250 for every minute of music)

    AND WHAT’S MORE, When you join, you’ll get ‘Adagio for a Solar Expedition’ and ‘My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose’ FREE and that’s on top of the 12 charts you’ll get throughout the year!

    All you have to do to become a member of James McFadyen is email and let us know that your band wants to be a member and we will email you right away with the details. Joining is quick and easy!!!
    ng to your Brass Band needs[/b]

    You pay £150 now and for a whole 12 months,
    you’ll save more money than you ever will.

  2. Mike Saville

    Mike Saville Member

    St Austell
    . . surely this needs to be posted in the shop forum??????
  3. Keppler

    Keppler Moderator Staff Member

    True - Moved
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