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    (Is This The Way To) Amarillo - Greenfield/Sedaka - Arr. Stephen Hague
    A Hundred Pipers - Traditional - Arr. Alan Beaumont
    Blue Skies - Irving Berlin - Arr. Neville Buxton


    I Left My Heart In San Francisco (Euphonium) - Cross/Reed - Arr. Neville Buxton
    Home Away From Home (Cornet) - Phil Coulter - Arr. Stephen Hague


    Danse Macabre - Saint-Saens - Arr. Gavin Somerset
    The Humming Chorus - Puccini - Arr. Alan Beaumont


    An American Tail Suite - James Horner - Arr. Gavin Somerset


    Be Still - David J. Evans - Arr. Stephen Tighe


    We Wish You A Merry Xmas - Traditional - Arr. Stephen Tighe
    Sussex Carol - Traditional - Arr. Stephen Tighe
    First Noel - Traditional - Arr. Stephen Tighe


    I Left My Heart In San Francisco
    By Cross & Reed
    Euphonium & Brass Band

    This much loved ballad have been arranged as a Euphonium solo by Neville Buxton. It became a gold-selling Top Ten hit that stayed in the charts almost three years. With intricate band parts and an unforgettable melody line.

    Full score & parts: £17.95

    Arr. Stephen Hague
    Brass Band

    A modern brass band arrangement of the “Arioso” from J.S. Bach’s Cantata No. 156 arranged by Steven Hague, with a nice feature for the horn section, and tuneful duets from the two solo cornets.

    Full score & parts: £17.95

    Home Away From Home
    By Phil Coulter
    Brass Band

    This gorgeous melody has been made famous by the virtuoso flautist James Galway, popularised on Classic FM and now arranged for brass band with a solo cornet taking the starring role. A perfect concert item, such a simple melody, but heart warming and playable by most bands.

    Full score & parts: £17.95

    An American Tail
    Composed By James Horner

    For the first time ever, the music from Steven Spielberg’s animated story has been arranged into a full suite for brass band. With hits like “Somewhere Out There”, “Dreams to Dream” and “Way Out West” all included in the suite, the music of James Horner can set emotions rolling, there is something for everyone to enjoy. With the whole concert suite lasting around 10 minutes, there are optional cuts written when if played, can cut the suite down to 6 minutes, as well as cutting out some difficult parts for lower section bands. With Wild West themes and train journey rides (and lets not forget the spoken lyrics!), this really is musical entertainment at its best.

    Full score & parts: £24.95

    Ballad For Flugel Horn - NEW RELEASE
    By Keith Terrett

    A brand new solo for all you flugel players. Written in the style of a nice relaxed ballad, with some difficult parts to master, both for the soloists and players of the band, but well worth the effort. Wonderful harmonies that support the soloist as they sing along with gentle percussion in the back adding support.

    Full score & parts: £17.95

    Be Still - NEW RELEASE
    By David J. Evans

    Arranged and dedicated to those who lost their lives in London, July 7th 2005. This really is one of the most gorgeous melodies you will ever hear. Marked “Molto Cantabile” and “With great feeling” throughout, a heart-warming hymn tune to be enjoy by all who play, and all who hear it. Playable by most levels of bands.

    Full score & parts: £17.95

    Con Brio - NEW RELEASE
    By Mike Lyons

    A brand new piece, jolly and lively all the way thought. Composed in 7/8 time most of the way though, giving the players something to think about, and the audience something to enjoy. There is chance for the players to re-gain their composure during a lovely little flugel solo (thankfully, in the more common ¾ time!). The band then join in and the fun returns, getting faster and faster before another break into the Lento, where the trombones and solo horn feature. However the rousing ending isn’t far away!!! A stunning work, good fun, and enjoyable by all.

    Full score & parts: £17.95

    By William Elsom

    This melodic Tenor Horn solo was composed for Kate Brown of the Fulham
    Band. With moving band parts and a tuneful, yet technical solo part, this piece allows the soloist to show off their high register and technical skills whilst maintaining entertainment value for the audience. A welcome addition to any horn player’s repertoire.

    Full score & parts: £17.95

    For more details on these pieces and to see/hear these new releases as well as the rest of our catalogue, please visit our web-site at where you can order online or e-mail to
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