The Besson National Brass Band Championships Sections 1 to 4

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    The Besson National Brass Band
    Championships of Great Britain

    Sections 1 to 4

    Presented by Kapitol Promotions Ltd.
    Harrogate International Centre
    24 September 2005
    Section 4
    Test-piece: A Mendip Celebration - Darrol Barry
    Section 2
    Test-piece: Belmont Variations -
    Sir Arthur Bliss (arr. Frank Wright)

    25 September 2005
    Section 3
    Test-piece: A Gallimaufry Suite - Phillip Harper
    Section 1
    Test-piece: Pageantry - Herbert Howells

    Tickets: £7.50 per section
    All-day ticket: £10

    Concessions available on application

    On sale from Harrogate International Centre
    Box Office from 13 June.
    Telephone 01423 537230

  2. robcav

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    Expect pretty sparse audiences in Harrogate. I have just been informed that no bandsperson will be allowed into the hall to listen to another band's performance from their section without a valid ticket purchased at the princely sum of £12. No concessions. No entry via bandspersons' ticket. If this is the case, I'd love to know which business genius made this 'profit before all, despite who it alienates' decision. I certainly wouldn't pay £12 to listen to other bands play a test piece I've been practising for two months. I'd even baulk at the prospect of paying a fiver not because I'm a tight sod and not because I'm not interested in listening to other competing bands, but because there is a point of principle here which overrides economics. If, as a movement, we cannot count on the organisers of one of the most important contests of the year, especially for section 1-4 bands, to realise the value of encouraging competing bandspeople to, albeit critically, support other competing bands by being allowed free entry to listen and learn and critically evaluate the performances, then we as a movement should politely shake them by the hand and tell them to go and find some other cause to cripple and divide. The cynic in me might suspect that the organisers have a deal with the local hostelries - "ok landlords, no bandsperson in their right mind would pay £12 for a ticket to listen to the other bands so you're bound to have a full bar". I wonder what will happen at results time? What if you played low down in the order and only wanted to listen to the last band in order to get a seat for the results (not that I think you'll have much problem finding a seat) would you still have to pay £12?
    Of course this is not the first insult to the movement. The fact that those bands which have won, through hard work and dedication, the right to represent their area at the national finals, have to pay to enter the contest, makes a mockery of the whole concept. Can you imagine - "oh Mr Roddick, now that you have won your Wimbledon semi-final you have the right to compete in the final - but only if you pay the entry fee".
  3. Steve

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    Probably the same people that are making a killing on block booking all the hotels before releasing the dates of the contest and making 1st section bands spend over £40 for a new percussion part to Pageantry
  4. Andy_Euph

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    This was the case last year, but what I remember happening was that they reduced the price of tickets late on in the day because no one was going in to listen. Personally I thought the whole running of the contest was absolutely shocking (I can remember putting some pretty ****ed off posts on here)...crap service, uncourteous staff, etc went in to play to about 30 people sat in the la nationals! :mad:
  5. WoodenFlugel

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    True, but if you look slightly further afield there are plenty of very good hotels at very resonable prices - you don't have to use their "recommended" hotels...

    As for the entry fee - I'd heard that you got a reduced admission if you had a bandsmen's ticket. I think the price was £7.50. Please correct me if I'm wrong here BTW.

    Just my opinion, but I don't think it's a great idea. As pretty as Belmont Variatons is to listen to I think I'll take solice in the bar rather than have to shell out again to get in to hear a.n.other band. A big shame. BTW I wonder if we will hear the usual "they were rubbish" claims after the results - even if most banders were in the bar rather than listeing to the competition? (...mind in the past, being in the bar hasn't stopped plenty of players expressing their opinions of performances thay haven't heard has it?? :frown: )
  6. backrowbloke

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    Paying for finals tickets is nothing new...I seem to remember last time I played at the Albert Hall in 91, we had to buy our own tickets.

    Remember, it is not cheap to stage the nationals (or any contest for that matter) Kapitol seem to be one of the few organisations prepared to take it on - I dont see a lot of other companies rushing to stage it. They are a commercial organisation and, like it or not, have to make a profit :)

    Personally, when I competed at Harrogate last year in the 1st section, it was in my experience one the best run contests I have been to for a long time. Sure, it could have been better in places, but the provision of decent changing and warm up facilities, everything under one roof, good stage hands all helped.

    Finally, even if you gave the tickets away, you wont see many bandsmen in the hall - you have to accept that we (mainly) don't want to listen to other bands playing the same piece and would rather socialise in the bar
  7. The band I play for have qualified for the lower section finals for the last three years. And this charge was introduced last year at Harrogate, but I think it was only £5 then to listen to your own section. The facilities and venue were not a patch on the year before, held at the caird hall in Dundee, and there was no charge there. I completely disagree with paying to listen to your own section, at any contest, and I will not be doing it this year. Well £5, its two pints.

  8. also depends on whether the pieces are worth listening to, theres been some awful pieces listening wise 4 all sections in the last few yrs, also some very good 1s, what is every1s view of the pieces this time?

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    PB, Mod
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