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  1. Hi

    I'll be taking my band, Burbage Buxton, to this years Midland area in Burton on Trent. Haven't done it for a while, in fact the last time I went it was still held in Nottingham.

    Can any of you pass on tips and knowledge about the venue, The Belvadere Club. I'm hearing some negative comments about it as a venue. What are the acoustics like in the hall and stage? what are the warm up and changing facilities like back stage?

    Any general tips on performing in there would be interesting. We're about to start looking at the piece, Anglian dances, which appears OK, but performing in a venue for the first time always presents a test in its own right doesn't it.:confused:
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    Its been a while since I played in there, but my biggest memory is that the room just soaks up everything you can give it. Loads of heavy curtains around the stage and the bass sound gets lost in the roof of the stage instead of coming out to the audience.

    There's quite a bit of room around the back (squash courts if I remember correctly) but you can forget using it as a warm up room - I remember once, Greasley (I think) being penalised for a note played someone warming up back stage. Fortunately it was sourted by the powers that be that year.

    Generally its a better play to play than the Jessie Boot centre (which I hated). But not by much.
  3. god yes, although the facilities up at Notts University were good, the acoustic was ridiculous for a contest. The judge needed to be about 2 metres from the band but of course the orgainsiers put him at the back where all bands sounded the same (i.e quiet, distant and flat!):p
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    Having only listened in the hall although will be playing in there this year The sound does disapear into the vast space above the band and into the balcony area if I remember right I have seen bands sit on the stage in a less than conventional steating plan to compensate for the hall i.e. upward facing instruments positiond so that the bell point towards the front of the stage
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    Have never played in the Belvedere Club before...

    Burton is normally fun anyway - I love Warming up in the Conservative club - it gives a surreal twist to procedings!

    Looking forward to a new experience.

    I echo your comments about Nottingham Uni - that room was always hard work and with all the bands wiating in the corridors outside it was never totally quiet in my experience.

    On a more urgent note - will teh burger van be by the Belvedere Club this year?! ;)
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    Taking a good guess yes it will:( but even better the Pub at the end of the road as you come out of the Town Hall will be open:clap: who serve top jolly REAL ALE:woo
    But our Band go for a Curry what ever the result on after the contest on the Saturday Evening to reflect on the days event, what ever the position we finish
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    Ah yes the pub down the road - the locals are always a bit bemused by it all though aren't they? :D
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    To true i think the landlord of the pub wished that it was the Midland Area Contest every weekend as there sales must be mega with us bandsmen/women in there boosting the profits for them:biggrin:
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    The problem with getting a 'decent' facility is that ALL the bands in the Midland Area have to be thought about, and some of the bands are coming from as far away from each other as Lincolnshire and Worcestershire!! Try to find a decent venue which is central for ALL the bands, and is affordable...seeing as how people were complaining about the price of entering the contest this year (an extra £15 per band), how do you think that any more expense will affect the bands? Think of less well off bands in the lower sections where most of the players are children etc...they may be put off playing in the contest all together...its not just about the top sections.....

    Also, its all very well to complain about the venue at the contest, but how about putting yourself forward to help the committee find this place? I am sure that any help offered would be more than gratefully received.
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    Well Said...I've been trying to get this message over for ages :clap:
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    I think a fair amount as been said about Burton Town Hall.
    I also think that 2006 is the last year there so we might have a different venue :clap: for 2007 just have to wait and see.
    It does not matter where the contest is staged some band/bands will always complain about it :distance to travel, cost etc, you cant please everyone.
    Myself i would love to see De Montford Hall used again, super hall to play in, or Nottingham Town Hall just as nice as well;)

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