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  1. Jay

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    Anyone done this as a tuba solo? I played it last night in my youth band's end of course concert, and although I don't mean to blow my own trumpet (haha soo not funny) it was bloomin' awesome :p So much fun for the whole band!! The choreography of it was quite amusing too!!

    My dad took a video of it but his camera doesn't pick up low frequencies very well so at some points I sound like I've only been playing for about a week LOL! :p

    Jay xxx
  2. stevetrom

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    would it work on bass trom ?

    (small fee possible)
  3. Yeah i'm pretty sure it would. I'd agree it is a good fun arangement, a played it with Jay too and once you get over the million bars rest in the euph part and just work out where to come in from listening, its fun.
  4. Jay

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    I agree with Sam! The trombone tutor at our youth band was playing bits of it along with me when I was sight-reading it in the first rehersal of the course and it sounded really good on bass trombone! xx
  5. A trombone soloist would also have a lot more scope for flaring it up, sliding around and between the notes, it'd be cool!

    Jay, just don't let 'Mr Overton' hear that...! As a bass solo, apparently its quite a new arrangement, can't remember exactly what it was composed for though...
  6. Jay

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    Lmao!! :p oh god he annoys me...he talks down at everyone as if he's got all this musical experience :| and you should have seen the way he was with the younger players he was supposedly helping out on the course!!

    I can't remember either, but Rob sent a recording to me from the radio 3 website when it was first played...was awesome!!
  7. Was done by Leigh Baker of Brighouse for last year's Brass in Concert (which Brighouse won). Leigh won best new composition. Dave Hebb played it then and all round the country since.
    I agree it is great fun. All audiences have enjoyed it.
  8. Baritonedeaf

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    The Brass in concert performance is very good, especially the Trombones rowing.

    I like the Sousaphone too - are they harder to play than a bass?
  9. sounds fun !!!!! I`m thinking about buying this one now after all the posts here. I know it`d suit my band who are ususally up for anything. Any ideas where I can get it ???
  10. Thirteen Ball

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    I suppose it'll be too high for a BB jockey like me to give it a go?
  11. iancwilx

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    No difference whatsoever apart from the 4th valve is in line with the other three to the right of the 3rd valve.
    - Wilkie
    (33 Years Pro Sousa and EEb Bass)
  12. Baritonedeaf

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    Thanks Wilkie - I have always liked to look of a Sousaphone - they have a certain comic feel to them in my opinion (not being rude!) and that lends itself to entertainment really well.

    I wonder how easy they are to get hold of in this country, I would imagine they were fairly rare, how did you get into playing it?
  13. Bungle

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    Not too rare if you know where to look. I have a work colleague who collects them and plays in jazz bands. I have been tempted to buy one off him, but have so far resisted. Sorry going a off topic. Erm is there a recording of this piece?
  14. Baritonedeaf

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    It is on the 2006 Brass in Concert DVD, it was part of the winning performance by Brighouse.
  15. tubafran

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    Just Music have it here
  16. MoominDave

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    There's already a version of "I wanna be like you" for bass trom. It's quite fun!
    I forget arranger details, but Kidlington have it.