The Band of the Yorkshire Regiment (TA Band)

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    I think Jon p might be available :wink:
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    You just have to give three months notice, to leave. This is the TA not the Regular Army.
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    I have to say, whilst the probablity of going to war exists within a TA band. It is up to the individual to fnd these things out before they put pen to paper. Making repeated statements about the likeliness of wartime action may serve to dissuade some people from joining a TA band as it would scare some people off.

    I appreciate the sentiment is to make sure that people are aware of what they sign up to, but directing them to the TA site or a good read of the information pack before they sign up makes more sense to me than repeating the chance of wartime service.

    I also appreciate Lee, that you are probably the best placed on this forum to comment about military life but equally a softer appraoch may be more encouraging than potentially scaring people away.

    For the record I was interesting in the recently formed Royal Engineers Band (TA) in Notts. The "war" issue was never skirted. Any questions I had were open and responded to honestly and at no point was any pressure bought to bear on me joining. I didn't sign in the end due to financial and employment reasons which would have made my life difficult.

    I would have thought Lee, that you would be encouraging of people gaining an interest in Army life. Certainly it appealed to me without the threat of War, but financially it didn;t stack up.

    I hope this band gets off the ground.


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    I too played in the Lancashire Artillery TA band in Bolton.

    At the last Kneller Hall inspection we were told by the two bandmasters that we as musicians in the TA did not have an operational role. However, the situation may occur that a regular band with which your TA band is connected ( in the case of the LAV, we are connected to the RA band in woolwich) may be in need of a cornet player to travel with them to entertain the troops in downtown baghdad. This would possibly be the only way in which you would be 'called up'. They actually stated that some military bands had been out on tours of duty and it had actually improved morale with the 'squaddies'. Suffice to say this would be a very rare occurence. However, the pay is good but........If you take the queens shilling then you must be prepared to be called up. In fact the tax free bounty is paid to you for making yourself available to be called up!!!!

    Finally, you can resign at any time, you do not have to 'Buy yourself out'
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    I'm also an ex regular Army musician of some years and played with a TA band in my final years.
    Now, ask anyone in the Kohima Band (V) in canterbury (PWRR) if you dont have any commitment to active service in war time and the answer will be in the affirmative that yes you do have a commitment because numbers of their own have been called up in the past.
    In particular a bone player called Phil who was a professional musician was called up.

    Lets not be silly about this. You join the army, part time or full time and you MUST expect to be called up to any theatre at any time.
    As for knellar hall bandmasters proclaiming that there is no operational role, lets not forget that the Principal Director of Music has a certain percentage of bums on seats to fill to validate the sheer existence of bands. Therefore, there will always be a sell sell sell for recruitment purposes.
    Also, Knellar hall bandmasters or student bandmasters may not be furnished with the most current of information not are they generally interested (sadly) in TA bands.

    I will defend Lee on this one. I work with the Guy and he has served long enough to know his onions.
    Perhaps someone can quantify this matter further? List the official line?

  7. The Wherryman

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    From the Army web-site:

    "You should also realise that anyone joining the TA can expect to be mobilised for operational service within five years."
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    Ill informed ex and serving musicians shouldn't really make sweeping statements on here as it may frighten people away and it certainly confuses the issue.

    TA Bands currently have no operational role (fact). This is currently under review and an answer is expected later in the year. Their main function at the moment is supporting the Army (Dinner Nights etc) and Army in Society (PR type events).

    They do still have to get the green stuff on occasional and do military training - clue is in the title Territorial Army.

    I suggest anyone with a genuine interest contacts their local TA Band and finds out the up to date info from the horses mouth (PM me if you want details of your nearest band). I visited the Royal Signals TA Band in Darlington last week and they are having a whale of a time. They need musicians and their musicians recommend it very highly!:D
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    I feel I should stick my oar in on subjects like this because (for once) I am reasonobly well informed.

    If anyone joins the Army, be it Regular or Territorial, there is a chance of being called up for "active service" or to go on an operational tour. In my experience as a musician in the Regular Army this happens very rarely, especially in comparison to infantry battalions who can do 2 or 3 6 month operational tours in 3 years!

    I have now been in CaMus for almost 4 years and have yet to be called up for an operational tour. I have been to Iraq but that was voluntary for 4 days to do a couple of christmas concerts for the troops over there. There also was a possibility of bands being deployed in Cyprus for 6 months at a time to guard the Soverign Base Areas but that fell through. The last I have heard of bands being sent on operations was about 2004/5 to Iraq.

    Starting to go a bit off thread here but the point is that yes there is a commitment to go if you are told, however in the life of an army musician, Regular or TA, the vast majority of your time is spent doing music.

    You never know... you might even enjoy learning to fire a rifle or getting (or staying) fit.

    I would recommend a career in military music for anyone. It's certainly not done me any harm! If anyone wants any info on CaMus please get in touch by PM.

    Good Luck with the new band!

    (And good luck sorting through all that music I gave you last week!!! ;))
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    TA Bands

    I think the term Ill Informed is a little off the mark. I did mention that I had served both regular and TA as a musician and that people from my TA band were in fact called up to operational duty with the batallion.
    I clearly see that you have been/are a serving military musician and I would have hoped that you would see that informing civilians about the potential of being called up to service rather than skirting round the subject actually prepares them to make a conscious decision for service rather than scaring them or confusing the issue.
    If, as you suggest, TA Bands merely support corps and regiments on a purely musical basis, then it is no wonder that TA bands were cut back (AMSTA band for example) in the past few years.
    I honestly believe that if you join any arm or service, then you should be prepared, willing and expect to serve your country in the same way that the regular army does.

    These are purely my own points of view.
    As you say, people in TA bands have a great time. Thats the way it should be but please, in a thread recruiting for a band, lets be honest about things and not get people to join the ranks under a misapprehension.


    Ill informed ex and serving musicians shouldn't really make sweeping statements on here as it may frighten people away and it certainly confuses the issue.

    TA Bands currently have no operational role (fact). This is currently under review and an answer is expected later in the year. Their main function at the moment is supporting the Army (Dinner Nights etc) and Army in Society (PR type events).
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    With the ever more likely chance of British troops going to the far stretches of the world on campaigns and peace keeping missions, the powers on high within the Armed forces will draw on any serving members of regular and terratorial forces.

    Though unlike regular bands, TA bands are given the chance to go on operations. Members of the Royal Signals (Northern) Band were asked if any members would like to go to Iraq in 2003/04, no one agreed.

    As a serving member of CAMUS, my deployment to Iraq in 2003 is regarded as one of the best moments of my career, and this I tell anyone who is interested in Army music. Yes you might go on operations, but it's a fantastic experience and if you get the opportunity, go for it.

    The people who shout loudest about going somewhere, generally haven't been away themselves.

    Don't let anyone put you off joining the TA or the regular Army. If you want to go for it, do it.

    It's the best job in the world!!
  12. Trumpet Major

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    TA bands

    I totally agree and very well said, its the best job in the world. TA or Regular and would heartily recommend it to anyone.
    I also served in the Gulf and the tour was interesting to say the least lol
  13. WagTheStick

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    Not aiming to 'skirt around' the subject or be dishonest - just stating fact. I appreciate that you have military service - but things change pretty rapidly in the military at the moment. I currently work in HQ DCAMUS at Kneller Hall (in the office responsible for TA Bands - in fact just about to take over as TA Liaison Officer !!):-?

    Contrary to cuts 4 TA Bands have been formed (hence the thread) or re-established in the last couple of years.

    Probably time to get back on thread and allow the band to get on with recruiting! :D
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    Yes please.
  15. Locky

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    TA Bands

    I have read this thread with interest. I have served in TA bands for fifteen years and have had a great time. I consider it a privilege to be a small part of our military music heritage. My advice is if you are at all interested make contact with your local TA band. By all means read the material on the web but that is no substitute for meeting the management face to face and more importantly getting in the band room with the players. My only regret is that I did not join sooner. The addresses of the bands are on the Army site

    I am with Royal Anglian Regiment Band (V)
    TA Centre, London Road, Peterborough, Cambs, PE2 9BY
    Tel: 01733 554581
    Great band and a lovely bunch of people. We would make you very welcome, particularly cornet/trumpet players.
  16. philkershaw

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    Recruiting is now going extremely well with 20 musicians going through the recruiting process. I would now like to hear now from any cornet or euph players who are interested in joining the band!
  17. philkershaw

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    Trombone & Cornet player needed for newly formed TA Band in Huddersfield

    The Band of the Yorkshire regiment is a newly formed Territorial Army Band based in Huddersfield West Yorkshire.

    Part time paid positions with travel expenses and a Tax Free Bounty are available.

    For furtherinformation regarding these positions and the TA in general please get in touch.
  18. philkershaw

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    Cornet & Trombone players required Huddersfield

    The Band of the Yorkshire Regiment is a newly formed Territorial Army Wind Band. I currently have both cornet and trombone vacancies.

    The band will perform at various ceremonial and public performances, at home and abroad.

    If any one is interested in one of these exciting part time paid positions, or knows of someone who may be interested then please PM me for futher information.

    Process of enlistment is as follows:

    1st visit informal interview / ask any questions

    2nd visit Audition / Paperwork completed

    3rd visit medical

    4th visit 1 day selection

    5th visit Attestation

    6th visit you are now a member of the band and will be paid for Reh's/Gigs/ travelling expenses from now on, as well as a tax free annual bounty.
  19. philkershaw

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    After a very successful recruiting campaign we are scheduled to begin rehearsals on Wed 01 Oct 08 at the TA Centre St Paul’s Street Huddersfield 7.30 – 9.30pm. We do still have a few vacancies so if anyone is interested in one of these paid positions please get in touch as soon as possible.

    Tel 01484 425492
  20. philkershaw

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    Cornets and Euph needed - West Yorkshire TA Band

    After a very successful recruitment campaign I am pleased to announce that the Band of the Yorkshire Regiment (TA) will hold its very first rehearsal on October the 1st at the TA Centre St Pauls Street Huddersfield. We have appointed a Director of Music Gary Clegg who has a wealth of experience in both the Wind/Military Band and Brass Band world. However we are still short of a couple of Cornet players an a Euphonium, and are hoping to fill these paid positions before rehearsals begin:D

    Tel 01484 425492

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