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    The Association of Brass Band Adjudicators will be holding their Annual General Meeting at Cleckheaton Sports Club, Bradford Road, BD19 3UD.

    The meeting will commence at 10.30am on Sunday 30th December 2007. The Sports Club is situated on the A638 Bradford Road, which is adjacent to Junction 26 of the M62 Motorway. Across the road is a Premier Travel Lodge.

    It is anticipated that 11.30am will conclude the business side of the meeting.

    In accordance with the continuing aims of the Association to provide an open approach to the systems employed by members of ABBA when officiating at Contests, the meeting will then be open for any interested party to attend.

    This ‘open’ section of the meeting commencing at will take the form of a presentation by Dr Roy Newsome covering from the point of view of adjudication the 4th 3rd and 2nd Section Regional Pieces for 2008.

    ABBA is delighted to announce that it has obtained generous sponsorship for this meeting from Kapitol Promotions, 4Bars Rest and the publishers of the respective pieces Prima Vista and North Music Holland. This has enabled the Association to hire the services of The Marsden Band and assist in the provision of a buffet lunch.

    Attending will be a strong representation from the ABBA membership including several members who will be adjudicating at the ‘Regionals’ next year. This is therefore an excellent opportunity for conductors and any other interested parties to gain an insight into how Adjudicators approach the whole aspect of Adjudication.

    It is anticipated the event will conclude at approximately

    This is an open invitation and it is hoped that there will be a large take up from interested parties.

    In order to assist with arrangements it is requested that if you with to attend that you contact the Associations Public Relations Officer Mal Brownbill as soon as possible either by letter email or telephone.

    Mal Brownbill
    49 Pike House Road, Eccleston, St.Helens, WA10 5JZ
    Tel/Fax 01744 28642

    Please log onto the ABBA website at for more information and other items of interest.

    Mal Brownbill.
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