The Arban Solos

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    Ok, Back in March this year i finally bought a copy of the arban. After hearing the "arban collection" recordings , i thought its about time i learnt to triple tongue properly. Now im triple tonguing quite quick and its amazing how with a few months hard practice you can achieve so much.

    So far ive learned to play two of the solos in the back : Le cornet polka and variations sur norma, which i thought sounded impossible when i heard the recordings but now im doing it myself!.

    Anyway.... i was wondering

    What is the most difficult arban solo? and which is the most easy?

    What order from the easiest to hardest can they be put in ?

    Whats your favourite?

    So far i think le cornet polka is the easiest....while some others are much harder.
    So a list from 1-18 please to anyone who has played them all.....

    And also its very difficult to find spots to breath during some ofthe long passages, anybody got any hints and tips for this ?