The AERONAUTS solo cornets - tongued or slurred?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Ray Woods, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. Ray Woods

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    We are rehearsing Goff Richard's The Auronauts for a forthcoming contest, but I am not sure how to play some of the Solo Cornet phrases. Auronauts has large phrase marks over many sequences of notes which would often be interpretted as slurred sections. However within some of these phrase marks are additional slurred markings, usually between just two or three notes. Does the appearance of the intended slurr marks mean that the larger overal phrase should not be slurred, but tongued?

    Examples of where it is not clear whether to tongue or slur are:
    - 12 bars before 3
    - The cornet solo at 8 and
    - The cornet solo 4 bars after 11
    - 11th bar of 12
    - Tutti 6 bars after 15

    What do you think?
  2. Frontman

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    Be very careful.
    All bars in Goff Richards Aeronauts, are shown with clear articulation where slurs occur. Don't get mixed between articulation and phrasing. Good luck with it , it is a very enjoyable piece both to rehearse and play in contest.
  3. Does anyone knows where this work is published? And if there is a recording??
  4. brassneck

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  5. Jan H

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    Aha, Bert is already doing his research ;-)
  6. pantarheipaul

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    Bert, published by Studio Music....recordings? St. Austell BB.
    Isn't there a recording with music of G. Ricards with different bands?

    Are you in for the contest?
  7. Nigel Hall

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    The only recording I know of is the St Austell Salutes Goff Richards - Studio Music still has this in stock as I was talking to Stan Kitchen at the SCABA Crawley contest the other week about this very record. I do know that Studio/Polyphonic will be releasing a new Goff CD (probably in the summer) that will feature The Aeronauts.

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