The Acrobat as a Trombone Trio

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    A few years ago the venerable trombone solo The Acrobat was arranged by (I think) Goff Richards for Grimey to play at Spennymoor (to the best of my recollection).
    Does anyone know if this arrangement has been published and if so by who?

    Big Chap
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    Well Greenwood wrote the solo, but i don't think he would have made it into a trio at any point.
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    Sorry...didn't realise you were talking about a trio, until I looked at the header. :cry:
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    Peter Kitson used to perform it as a quartet with Lockwood Band in the 80's. He might be able to help.

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    I remember hearing Lockwood do that. He substituted a very corny quartet for the middle section of the Acrobat. Worked well, I thought.

    Daniel Sheard
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    The Acrobat

    The Acrobat was arranged by Goff for Grimethorpe's Spennymoor performance. It was done as a one off and was not published. The Acrobat by J Greenwood is still in copyright and it is illegal to make an arrangement of it without permission of the copyright holders (Wright and Round). Goff asked to arrange it as a trombone trio and we gladly approved.

    Hope this helps.

    Roger Thompson
    Wright and Round

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    Thanks for the clarification. It was so good you sent it twice.

    Big Chap