The 80's!

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  1. Just had to do some research on the areas and finals contests of the last 30 years

    Could anyone tell me what happened in the mid 80's

    I was born in 1984 and there was no contest that year, among other years aswell

    Any info on this subject is appreciated

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    There's a full archive of results from umpteen sections and regions for 1984 on 4BR.
  4. i checked the results of the areas for 1984 and there were none for the north west section

    my mistake that i should have pointed out it was the north west section i was checking out inparticular
  5. in the finals list in the results archive for the sections 1-4, it only goes back to 1992
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    1992 was the year that the 1st Section was introduced. Up until then it didn't exist. So I would expect that they have used 1992 as the 'starting' point to list full details of all four sections.


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