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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Timpking, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Timpking

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    Does anyone know what band played the theme tune to Thats Life? Yes you remember the old sunday night TV show.
    Is there a recording of it or is it published? :lol:
  2. andywooler

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    I have a feeling it may have been what was then Aldershot Brass Ensemble, now Alder Valley Brass - if it wasn't them, then they certainly did do a TV show theme!


    Thanks for putting me right! I was probably thinking of their involvement in a Harry Worth series.
  3. ratley

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    It was Hanwell - some of the members of the band that recorded the theme tune were asked to play it on a tv special a few years back. :tup

    Sorry - forgot to answer the second question!! There is a copy of the music floating around in the Hanwell archives, but I'm not sure if it's a published one - please pm me and I'll try to help.

  4. Bungle

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    Our cornet player Sharon Mcallum played for Hanwell and said they got royalities every time it appeared on the TV. Thats life was on channel 4's 100 funniest moments last night so I hope they get some more for that.
  5. ratley

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    We wish!!!!:-?
  6. Jasonp

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    Cool, I used to play for Hanwell and didn't know that.

    Hi Kay, how's tricks?
  7. Anglo Music Press

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    It was Hanwell, and I've a feeling Studio Music publish the arrangement. Try them.
  8. ratley

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  9. It was indeed the Hanwell Band. I played on the 'That's Life' recording and also took part in the filming of the title sequence. There were no royalties... the band were paid a 'one off' fee. Individual members were paid nothing in the spirit of amateur brass banding!