That's dedication for ya!

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    If slightly misguided but still a nice thought!

    Whilst taking our Youth band rehearsal on Tuesday night I was having a chat with one of our Euphonium youngsters and he came out with something which tickled me a bit.

    He starts at Secondary school in September and has been told that they will get shed loads of homework and that that might mean he wouldn't be able to do youth band sometimes. Then after much whirring of mental cogs (you could literally smell the smoke coming from his ears) he declared that he was going to make a point of asking his teachers if they would not give him homework on a Tuesday night so that he would have time to do Youth Band.

    After a few seconds of internally chortling merrily at the response his teachers would give him, I naturally gave the age old words of wisdom that work and school ALWAYS come before banding and we would understand if it happened.

    Made me chuckle somewhat but also gave a nice confidence boost to the Youth Band team that our young folk are still getting "the bug" and are that dedicated (even if they do forget to practice and constantly muck about)
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    I wish that worked with my boss. I tried to get my banding acheivements into my yearly objectives! He wasn't too keen on the idea.

    Mind you, at the christmas party thing, I did win a bottle of champagne for my dedication to society by managing to combine my work and banding committments without notable degredation of service to either!!

    Sleep is very over-rated!
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    I know what you mean.. I am quite lucky at work in that they WILL ALWAYS authorise a day off after a contest (they know I probably won't even be able to stand up the next day), band related phone calls are just a standard part of the working day and (as happened October 2004 when the water main burst in the band room library) if I suddenly need to drop everything and get to band they are fairly understanding.
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    It did actually work with my teachers, they gave me an extra night to do my homework, which was a HUGE shock