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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Columbo, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. Columbo

    Columbo Member

    Just like to say a big Thank You to the Ashton Band for making me feel so welcome. A great atmosphere in the bandroom. A fantastic sense of humour, coupled with a professional attitude and approach to the job in hand.

    Its little wonder the band has performed consistently well with the job Martyn is doing there and the standard of the players also. I am looking forward to the future with these. Great to be amongst some great players and good mates again.

    Brent, its your turn to drive next week!! Thanks mate for sharing our secret on the website! Watch your back Warren!
  2. Its been a while since i saw such psychophancy! Mind you lad, its nowt on your last post about your violent ex. I thought that was akin to a brass band version of Jeremy Kyle. Im loving the look at previous posts by facility!
    I heard someone say "stop banging your gums together" in the bar at the open. It sprang to mind when i read your previous postings.
  3. Simon Preshom

    Simon Preshom Member

    I've kept down a big glass of raw eggs all morning, but this has brought them right back up. We've not met, but I note your previous similarly excited posts about Carrbrook and Horbury Victoria: I hope Ashton get longer service out of you.
  4. SaddLad

    SaddLad New Member

    Blimey is this "Kick Columbo Day" or something?
  5. weeble

    weeble New Member

    I agree. Don't be mean, columbo is a decent bloke.
  6. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    A decent bloke who appears to need a couple of week in thepary!! ;)

    Hope you enjoy playing again pal.
  7. Andy Cooper

    Andy Cooper Member

    He will after those two posts

    Totally out of order. Old adage applies here that if you have nothing good to say then don't say it.
  8. philram

    philram Member

    Actually I found it rather exciting when a player with such class decided to walk through our bandroom door and join our ranks! I've listened to many a flugel player over the years and our mr Columbo ranks right up with the best! Either on the contest stage or performing one of his fine repetoire of solos he has up his sleeve. He is also a very nice person! Thanks for coming down old friend and joining our happy outfit. Here's to many happy hours of banding.
    Oh by the way, its sychophancy...Get yer chops round that.....Lad!
  9. Crip

    Crip New Member

    At least one sensible reply.
    What on earth is wrong with expressing an opinion? This is a FORUM;
    "assembly for open discussion"
    Ashton band has had a, much undeserved, reputation in the past of being somewhat insular and I’m very happy that a new member has elected to express his individual opinion on his experiences of our band.
    We are only one player short of having a full band at the moment, indeed I have personally stepped aside to allow new members to join so I’m on the reserve list as a player
    It is my opinion that our healthy position is down to the friendly relaxed atmosphere within the band and, at a time when so many bands are struggling to fill seats, I think this should be both supported and applauded by anyone who considers themselves part of the brass band movement. Those who choose to snipe at positivity should perhaps consider a more suitable pastime and leave banding to those who do it for the enjoyment of music making and friendship.

    Time for me to stop beating by fingers on the keyboard. If any of you are truly “beating your gums” on TMP I recommend using your fingers to do the typing. If this is not possible you should make sure you practice good oral and keyboard hygiene.
  10. weeble

    weeble New Member

    What they said :biggrin:

    Although i've not always agreed with Columbo, and there are times we could probably have cheerfully have strangled each other; aside from being a brilliant flugel player, he has bags of enthusiasm - surely this is a good thing? I don't really think he should be put down because of this. I'd rather somebody be enthusiastic than miserable.

    Columbo - don't let the bu**ers get you down, glad to hear you're playing again, and good luck finding a new job :biggrin:
  11. philram

    philram Member

    Could I recommend Mentadent P. A proven Plaque deterent & also good for gums! However, it does not prevent BBB (Brass Band Bull***t)
  12. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    Does it also prevent mods from closing this thread? We're not far from finding out... ;)

    oh, and Columbo: best of luck with your new band!
  13. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    I've deleted one post from this thread, please keep (in a family friendly manner and without any pointless crudity) to the topic of the original post.

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