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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by WoodenFlugel, Aug 29, 2004.

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    I just want to express my thanks on behalf of The Wigston Band for all the deps. who helped us for the gig at Bosworth Water Park Trust tonight, and especially to Super_Sop who came in as a late replacement on soprano and did a top drawer job, despite having to sight-read the whole concert on an unfamiliar part!

    So to all that depped for us (I'm not sure if any of the other deps we had are tMPers, but please forgive me if you are;) ) a huge thank-you!!!:clap:

    And thanks once again to Craig for coming a long way, at short notice to help out!!!!
  2. super_sop

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    What can i say matey! it was great to meet you in the flesh at last. :metal: top geezer! (and his flugel playing isnt wooded at all!!oh and hes a bloke despite his avatar giving everybody the impresion he is!)
    i can honestly say it was a plearure to play with such a top quality band! everybody made me feel at home straight away.
    thanks for askin me, hope me sight reading wasnt to bad :oops:
    looking forward to seeing you again soon mate.
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