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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by tubafran, Jul 13, 2006.

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    I'd just like to post a big thanks to Coronation Brass for a fantastic week away in Germany at the Bitburg Folklore Festival. Nice to meet up with a few other tMPers with them - Simon Horn, Starperformer and Alexandria, also anyone else who was there (can't remember their tMP names).

    It was a very enjoyable contest and the after-play wasn't bad either. Big thanks to Ed and Simon for bringing the fine art of "pegging" to the good burghers of Bitburg and the other representatives from all over Europe that got a little coloured present from the band. The ultimate pegging however had to be whilst our flag bearers were on stage at a formal presentation - they got the conductor of the Bitburg Band, a very pretty lady from Kazakstan and a small french bloke on 7ft stilts.

    Thanks to Max and Nick for organising this tour - if they are looking for players for their future trips to Malta and Bitburger in 2007 I would recommend you go. Unfortunately I won't be able to go with them to the Mellieha Festival in 2007 as Killamarsh are also going but it will be nice to meet up with them again just to continue the fine art of pegging. Can you get pegs pre-printed with "you've just been pegged by...." for a proper tagging contest?
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