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    Hi Alan,

    In recent years we have seen the Music Selection Panel pick pieces for the lower sections which are deemed to be very tough. To me this would appear to be a ploy to try and raise the overall standard of the bands in those sections (I have no problem with that). How do you feel about the selections of recent years as a conductor and adjudicator, and do you think picking tough pieces is actually raising the standard of the bands?
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    I have every respect for the people who do this most difficult job because they will never be able to please everybody.

    Yes some recent choices have proven too difficult, but if pieces were too easy then many people would complain. I have a philosophy of just accepting what they throw at us and getting on with it.

    Over time everything will even out and a broad range of choices will be made. Some will be too hard or too easy, some too modern or old-fashioned. Some not melodic enough, some too heavy. Some will have too many solo`s, some not enough.

    As I said, all choices will be criticised and I think its just best to get on with it and do your best.

    With regard to raising standards, I don`t think pieces have alot to do with that. Standards are raised by good teaching and training whatever the piece. Turning up to rehearsals and working hard for your conductor, work at home raising individual standards can only raise the band standard particularly if done collectively.
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