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    I have recently received an e-mail from a band librarian in Perth, Australia - he tells me that one of his band's former conductors went on to conductor the Newcastle Steel Works Band in Australia and in 1924 this band came to the UK and entered the British Open of that year and won. The test piece that day was ‘Selection of Franz Liszt’ by Dr Thomas Keighley. He is now looking for either a set of the music or a score...can any one help

    He appreciates it is not one for today's bands but asks fellow librarians to check out those old brown at the edge pieces that may be hidden away in the dark corners of the library.

    I have enquired with those bands that are still around who also took part that year but unfortunately thay cannot help

    Thank you

    Chris Helme
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    we have some very yellow music - I will check tonight and let you know!
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    We don't have it sorry - and we have a lot of fusty old stuff, nothing that old i don't think...
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    Old Music

    Thanks - I know its an old piece and most bands will not have it but I am hoping someone has so I can help the librarian who contacted me in the first place from Australia.

    Keep looking everyone


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    I know I always say this where old music is concerned.....but get hold of someone at Besses.

    They won the Open in 1920, and that was the start of the Willie Wood era when they were going to the contest on a regular basis....I'm pretty sure I remember it from when I upgraded the library catalogue to PC donkeys years ago, but these things tend to sound the same :hammer
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    Is there anyone on TMP from Creswell Colliery? They came second to Newcastle Steel Works that day. {Harton Colliery came third.} Good chance they still have a copy.


    WSB Toronto.
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    Yes. Creswell Colliery have(Had!) this in the library.
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    Contact Doyen Arhcive Centre i dont know the number but Nick Childs as a lot of very old music in his Brass Band Museum.