Tertnes School Band (Bergen-Norway) on tour

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  1. Gaupen

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    Tertnes School Band - 2009 Norwegian champions on tour. You can meet the band in 4 concerts during our 1 week stay;

    Thursday 24/6 Eccles Congregational Church with the Fairey (Geneva) Band (7pm)
    Friday 25/6 Dobcross (7pm)
    Saturday 26/6 Avenham Park - Preston (1pm)
    Sunday 27/6 Delph Band Club (8pm)


    Hope to see some of you there

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  2. tromwinst

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    My name is James Garlick, MD of the Dobcross Youth Band. The band are very much looking forward to meeting you next Friday. Have a safe journey and we will see you next Friday.

    Would you like to do a piece together towards the end of the night? If so what are some of the pieces you are playing, we could play together at the end?
    Send me a private message if you want to talk further.

    Best wishes,

    James Garlick
    Dobcross Youth Band
  3. Hovrebo

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    Wish my school band travelled like that ! :)
  4. Aidan

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    I'd recommend going along to a concert or two if you get the chance.
    Good set of kids :)

    Lykke til.

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