Terra Australis - Martin Ellerby

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by scjb, Dec 17, 2006.

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    It was only recorded by Radio 3 from the RNCM Festival Of Brass this year.
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    ybs did it in australia so i dont know whether it on their australia cd?? cant remember what its called thou...:)
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    sorry...nope its not just had a look lol...thought it might have been!
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    There has been some discussion as to whether YBS have recorded it and it may be awaiting release.
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    Your best bet I believe, would be to have chat nicely to Prof. King :D
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    The only brass band recording is from the RNCM Festival of Brass 2006 where YBS played it. It was later broadcast on Listen to the Band BBC Radio 2 and so an archive recording may be available.
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    Does this mean that none of the concerts on the Australian tour were recorded either? From the reviews of the tour and the more recent events, a highlights CD and or DVD would be an impressive legacy......"Kings of Australia.......too!" ;). On the other hand it might just be a sadly missed opportunity.

    However, as has been stated repeatedly, a fabulous dynasty has come to an end and I count myself very fortunate to have heard YBS live on three ocassions during that era. Thank you Professor King and all associated with YBS thus far and best wishes for the future.
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    Its been recorded in its Wind Band version by the Royal Marines Band Service and can be purchased from here!!

    I know its not the brass band version but if this helps.....
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    - so ... like Harrison's Dream (Graham), this is another work originally written for wind band then later adapted for brass band? Interesting!

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    I believe that it was the wind band version that was commissioned by the marines following YBS playing the brass band original.
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    Thanks to all for your responses. I'll get hold of the RM version in the meantime and have a listen.

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    - maybe they should have mentioned that on the website, don't you think? Very difficult to tell with compositions that can bridge brass and winds. Chicken and Egg dilemma ... the composer is there to make money.
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    To be honest our PDM is a BIG brass band guy so he probably heard them and then asked for them to be written for wind band. There are also versions of Year of the Dragon and Resurgam for wind band too. Although the Trombone solo is re written for oboe in YotD!!!!!
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    I assume you meant 'earn a living' ??? ;)
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    English Horn, actually - sounds quite nice!
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    Oboes and English Horns are fantastic instruments :)
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    To answer all I have this recording from the above mentioned from RNCM Festival of Brass 2006 where YBS played it. I'm in the middle of putting it together would anyone like to hear it or would you rather wait till 09.10.10 ?
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    I have a CD with this on. it is
    " The Nationals Australia 2007 " and it is played by Brisbane Excelsior Band
    other Tracks inc
    In this Quiet moment - Brisbane Excelsior
    Journey to The Cente of The Earth - Brisbane Excelsior
    Ravenswood _ Brisbane Excelsior
    Vienna Nights - Kew Band Melb.
    Mercury - Kew Band Melb
    St Magnus - K & N Brass
    The Jaguar - Sth Brisbane Federal Band
    ORB - Footcray & Yarraville Band
    a Top CD. I thought World of Brass Might have it but they seem to stop at Nationals 2006. I'm sure if you write to

    Musso's Media
    PO Box 1188
    Kangaroo Flat
    Vic 3555

    they will let you know how you can obtain a copy
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    I should have mentioned in the list above
    "Terra Australis" is the first track on the CD
    "The Nationals Australia 2007"