Tenor Horn YAH203S

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  1. Eziachco

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    Hi guys,

    I'm the president of Brassage Brass Band a french brassband based in Paris (http://www.brassagemusique.com)

    We are currently searching to buy a tenor horn for the band and I've found someone who is selling a Yamaha YAH203S.
    Does anyone had any opinion about this instrument ?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. chrisjohnston

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    We at Helios UK have a Tenor horn based on the Yamaha Yah203
    Have a look at our web site
  3. Accidental

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    The Yamaha Mastro (YAH602) is a great horn - I chose it over the Sovereign, Courtois etc. The YAH203 is their student model - its much lighter than the Maestro and obviously a slightly different design, which results in a thinner sound and more intonation problems and makes it less suitable for use in a band setting imo.

    If you've got a tight budget, I'd recommend trying to get hold of an older Maestro (or Sovereign), or looking into a brand like Virtuosi.