Tenor Horn Questions! Need advice.

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by DrBones, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. DrBones

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    Greetings Brass Players!

    I'm a long time reader on this forum, but only just signed up because I have an important (to me) question to ask you guys.

    I'm predominately a Valve Trombone/Trombone/Euphonium player playing mainly jazz, latin, funk, improvised music etc, and today in the mail I received a second hand besson sovereign tenor horn in the mail.

    The horn itself is fine, no problem, in fact, it's in way better condition than I thought it might have been from 1987, whoever the previous owner was sure looked after it, perhaps I will get it reconditioned, but that's not my question.

    Not being a brass bandy, I had no idea that the mouthpiece was so differently shaped from what I'm used to on Bone and Euphonium, and wow, having trouble lip slurring between partials with such a funny shape. Does anybody have any tips on getting this started or am I headed back to the beggining?

    The mouthpiece that came with the horn is a Denis Wick 3, as a bone player, I figure bigger is better, so I was looking at a Wick 2, but now my question is - are there any mouthpieces for tenor horn that are designed more like your standard bone/trumpet cup?

    All input is greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  2. Enjoy te next two to three weeks of your life in misery. You need to find your horn lips. The good news is if you're in form on the trombone it shouldnt take too long.

    Lots of long notes, lip flexibilities. then some single tongeing and then try to put tongue and fingers together.

    I wouldn't change mouthpiece. Save yoursel some money.

    I always hate that two weeks after xmas when you've had a break.
  3. Blow Hard

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    Dennis Wick 2 would be a good choice for you. Also Yamaha makes a good mouthpiece that might work:
    Yamaha AH38D4 Alto Horn Mouthpiece

    There are adapters but most people don't use them because the horn never sounds right.
  4. Aussie Tuba

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    what no one has mentioned here is all your earlier intruments are pitched in Bb and your horn is in Eb so what you see one the music and what you hear is a 4th different that would make things difficult to start with. middle C on Bb instrument is G on Eb instruments. you could be just pitching it all wrong.
  5. DrBones

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    No I get that, it's just a case of a different style mouthpiece I guess. It seems a lot more narrow, yet deep, quite unlike the mouthpieces I use on my other horns. Ie, I play a monette ts6 on my bone, and a schilke 51b on my eupho.
  6. floppymute

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    I'm really a trumpet & cornet player but went onto tenor horn about two years ago. Having played trumpet for many years on a Bach 1 I was used to a big mouthpiece. On horn I went straight to a DW 2 but after a short while felt I needed bigger so I asked around.
    Short answer is, the only Tenor Horn mouthpiece available with a bigger cup than a DW2 is a Bach. Trouble is, these are really designed more for a Mellophonium and have a short backbore, sitting further into the instrument lead pipe, but they could be worth looking at for your particular needs.
  7. HornMaster

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    There are now a few larger Tenor Horn Mouthpieces around. There are the DW1 and 1a in the Heritage range and also (I'm told) the usual DW range. Alliance also have mouthpieces larger than a DW2 available. There may be others but these are the ones I know of.
  8. Aidan

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    Yep Kevin is right. 1a, 1 and 2a all bigger than the standard dw2 available in both heritage and 'normal'.
  9. AndyG

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    I know I've asked this on other threads but does anyone have an oppinion on the dennis wick "heritage" mouthpeices for tenor horn?
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  11. Tom the Tenor

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    Hi Horn Master,

    How are you? Dont know if you got my earlier PMs. Do you still have your old horn for sale and if so how much or as they might say in Dublin Ce mhead?

    Still deaf in my left ear. Hearing aids come in at anything from Euro 1200 to Euro 3000 so am in no hurry in that department. Ear problems took a lot of the good out of the wet summer!

    Thanks and cheers from Cork.
  12. brassneck

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    Try the Bach or Yamaha alto horn range.
  13. DrBones

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    After about 24 hours, I'm starting to slot a bit better into the wick.

    What are peoples opinions on the Wick vs Bach etc, I'm not looking to sound like a high bone or low trumpet, I want that really nice buttery Tenor Horn sound, and it seems that most people prefer the Denis Wicks??

    I guess I'll just have to do the hard yards.
  14. MrsDoyle

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    DW 2 and 3 are the best IMV for that traditional tenor horn sound. I've just moved onto a 3 from a 2 (the 3 gives a 'lift' with my range) but it's down to personal preference.
  15. worzel

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    How did going from the 2 to the 3 affect your tone?
  16. MrsDoyle

    MrsDoyle Supporting Member

    It made my tone much better than it was on a 2 (by better I mean smoother, sounding more like a tenor horn)