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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Horn2A, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. Horn2A

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    I've a Besson Prestige and live in very central London. I really need to invest in a good practice mute which knocks the sound off without ruining my lips, as I've been given a nice cupboard in work to practice. Struggling to find recent reviews. Does anyone have any opinion on the Sshh mute or the Denis Wick tenor horn practice mute?

  2. Sandy Smith

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    Bought a Trevor Bremner Sshh practice mute a few years ago and can thoroughly recommend it. Great for practice in general as I have always done all of my practice using a practice mute and 90% of warm up to.
    Free blowing through the whole range and fitted into my old blue sovereign hard case to.
  3. Denis Wick is good, Bremner sshh mutes are excellent. Mike McLean also does a good inexpensive model.
  4. pbirch

    pbirch Active Member

    find a plastic water bottle (750mi or a litre depending on the size of your bell) put a couple of pencil size holes around the base, and away you go (this was suggested by Roger Webster in one of his masterclasses)
  5. Or there again...................................!
  6. My brother bought a Bremner Sshh mute after trying most and loves it, excellent mute!
  7. cockaigne

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    I can't be sure which would fit, but would recommend you try a Don Maslet practise mute for trombone or bass trombone - stocked by Phil Parker inter alia. They are very free-blowing and lightweight mutes, compact enough to fit into most gig bags (inside the bell), and can be adjusted to play in tune (with the tube extended - most practise mutes will send the pitch up to a quarter-tone sharp, which can be quite a chop-wrecker in itself).
  8. Alyn James

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    You forgot the Blu Tac around the neck. Works a treat.

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