Tenor horn player available to dep London, Herts, Beds, Berks and Essex

Discussion in 'Deputies Available' started by Simon_Horn, May 27, 2006.

  1. Simon_Horn

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    Intrument: Eb Tenor Horn

    Location/Region: Based in South Herts. Will dep anywhere in Greater London, Essex, Herts, Beds, Berks. Perhaps further afield if job is good....!

    Grade: Grade 8 (decent sightreader and played for last 16yrs)

    Name: Simon Jones (29yrs old)

    Contact Details: mobile - 07796 530718
    email- simon.jones703@virgin.net

    Instrument(s) played: Tenor horn (possibly backrow cornet), also conductor

    Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: Playing (any) - Conducting (1st section down)

    How much notice do you require: Sometimes available at short notice but have busy banding schedule so as much as possible preferred

    Name of your present band: Do not play full time with any one band. Pref to dep with various bands at rehearsals and concerts/contests

    Position played within present Band: Comfortable on solo, 1st or 2nd

    What section is your present Band in: Comfortable championship-4th

    Would you require transport: No, i have my own car

    Do you require expenses: No, not usually - but depends on distance of course!!
  2. Redhorn

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  3. Will the Sec

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    Simon is a top player, and a very proficient conductor.

    Highly recommended.
  4. ratley

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    Yeah, right!! :biggrin:
  5. Simon_Horn

    Simon_Horn Member

    Hey Ratley - I know I only look 21 but what can I say?!
  6. alanbry

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    Simon are you still on for St James Park (22nd July) and Shenley Park (2 weeks time)

    I am sure Karen will be "hotlining" you in future!
  7. ratley

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    Sorry mate - I was getting your age and your IQ mixed up!! :)

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