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    • Name: Liz White
    • Instrument(s) played: Tenor Horn (umm..tuned percussion I suppose)
    • Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: 4th, 3rd, 2nd
    • How much notice do you require: Not much, couple of days
    • Name of your present Band: Oxford Jubilee
    • What section is your present Band in: 4th
    • Position within Band that you are able to play: 1st or 2nd horn
    • How far are you prepared to travel: Don't mind (Oxford/London/Berks/Wilts/Bucks/Yorkshire!)
    • Would you require transport: No
    • Do you require expenses: Depends how far I have to travel but probably not
    • Contact details: lizzieemw@hotmail.com tel: 07812 020822
    In 2 weeks I'm a free agent (holidays!) Will be around Oxford (also possibly Yorkshire as well). Help keep me off the streets!!!
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