Tenor Horn, North West, Championship

Discussion in 'Deputies Available' started by HBB, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. HBB

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    New York City
    Hi There - you should all know me by now, but I thought I'd revise my details on here!
    I'm Ben, Currently studying Tenor Horn/Composition at the RNCM, living in Manchester.

    Instrument(s) played: tenor horn
    Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: champ - n/c
    How much notice do you require: 2/3 days?
    Name of your present Band Freckleton
    What section is your present Band in: champ
    Position within Band that you are able to play: Solo horn<
    How far are you prepared to travel: 1 hour on the train?<
    Would you require transport: yes unless easily accessible by train or public transport
    Do you require expenses: to cover transport
    Any additional Comments/Information:
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