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    Hi Guys,

    I am new to playing again after a horrific time healthwise and have a few questions regarding Tenor Mouthpieces andd looking for some advice.. I know this topic has probably been well covered but i thought i would ask a fresh question.

    Basically a lot i see recommend the Denis Wick No.2 nowadays or some say play withthe biggest you can or some i see say play with smallest you can get away with etc.. but I recently was given an older DW 2 to try and get back playing and even with weeks off trying it just didn't sound well for in terms of tone etc.. however i then came across a Wick 2A.. which is a lot deeper and after practising with this mouthpiece found it gave a better tone (for me) and found articulation slightly better and more acurate with the slightly deeper cup depth!
    However with being ultra fussy, I prefer the slightly wider cup diameter the DW2 has and the cup depth the 2A gives which would be the perfect mouthpiece i feel for me and i'm asking is there such a thing out there?

    I have 2 DW mouthpiece charts which were given to me by 2 music suppliers and believe it or not the mouthpiece dimensions etc for the DW2 and others are different!! so i am wondering if there has been a tooling change in the Wick mouthpieces over the years recently? or a bad typing error on a chat update.. ?

    Anyway i did briefly try the Alliance 2 way back before my injuries and can say that although its a TH2 it is not by any means the same as a Wick 2 ! for me i find it a lot bigger and the instrument was harder to fil on the Alliance..

    A lot off people i see recommend giving the Heritage mouthpieces a go as they are very comfortable etc and the range and sound is great for those who've tried them! question is can you get a mouthpiece to 'try' as this is by far the most important thing next to the instrument a brass player needs, and it is very expensive to buy say 1,2 or even 3 mouthpieces before you find one that suits!!

    but as i said earlier, is there by anychance a mouthpiec that has the cup depth of a Wick 2A along with the slighty cup diameter of a Wick 2? or should i just persevere withe Wick2A.. for the better sound and clarity i get with it?

    Sorry if this all seems elementary but i am keen to get back to playing now again to the best i can and would appreciate all and any help.. Oh to have the golden sound off Sandy Smith or Owen Farr !! lol

    many thanks

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    I'm not a horn player. You really need someone like Mellow or Sweaky who are? (they have stopped posting) to advise. Maybe a PM might reach them? There's a horn player from Black Dyke on here too (commented on the recent 4barsrest awards thread I think), maybe another PM?

    IMHO DW mouthpieces are better than others but I believe some changes have crept in over the years whilst the MP designations haven't changed - other brands are more guilty of that 'sin'. Mouthpieces are very personal bits of kit but try as many as you can and remember that as your chops improve so will your sound quality and range, IMHO big and deep is the direction to head in but only in so far as your chops will support it and playing benefit.

    Mouthpieces are expensive, borrow when you can to try out and buy second hand if possible (balance risks and condition against price). Hope that's a help and that others will add something more useful.
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    Re Wick Vs Alliance mouthpiece sizes. You will find that they do not adopt the same numbering system. I am a cornet player and note that the Alliance #2 is basically comparable in size to Wick #3. Alliance #3 is comparable with Wick #4 etc. I assume the same is also probably true with Tenor Horn mouthpieces.