Tenor Horn grade 8 ABRSM choices

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  1. Hi,
    I've a pupil who I hope to put through her grade 8 tenor horn ABRSM exam later this year and to be honest I know very few of these choices of which we have to pick two. Does anyone know any of these? If so can you let me know about styles, ranges and other technical issues regarding them please. General comments and recommendations are also welcome. Thank you!



    Bellini Concerto for Horn in Eb

    Eileen Clews Partita for Horn: 3rd movt (Finale-Brillante)

    John Golland Sonata for Horn (Eb): 1st movt (Allegro)

    Peter Graham Episode

    Peter Kneale Variations on a Welsh Theme

    Monti Czardas. It's a Classic

    William Relton Le Cor Vole (The Stolen Horn)

    Howard Snell Ballad and Galop: no. 2 and no. 4 from 'Four Bagatelles'

    Philip Sparke Masquerade for Eb Horn

    Richard Strauss Horn Concerto no.2 in Eb: 3rd movt, Rondo

    Joseph Turrin Escapade

    Bram Wiggins Cornucopia Concerto for Tenor Horn

    Gareth Wood Concertino for Eb Horn
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    It was a few years ago, so the lists may have changed slightly ... but for my grade 8 I played Variations on a Welsh Theme and Episode. Neither were particularly high in range (fairly sure neither went higher than a C). Particularly enjoyed the welsh theme, looovely tune :)

    Masquerade is also really nice, but probably a bit harder than most of the rest of the list ...
  3. HBB

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    The shortened version of the Gareth Wood concertino is a corker... not too long, nice melodies and something to get your teeth into. Also, the shortened version isn't too hard - hardest thing is getting it with piano.

    Variations on a Welsh Theme is a classic, little bit of double tonguing at the end, but you could get around that by slowing it down a tadge.

    The four bagatelles are a good choice... Ballad is a lovely slow melody however the 4th movement is a bit of a challenge, a few high jumps and awkward leaps and it goes at a fair lick, but it's rather fun to play!! :)
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    I really like the Bram Wiggins Cornucopia. Nice tune, pretty upbeat and with lots of different moods.
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    I played Variations on a welsh Theme for mine and the Bellini Concerto. Variations on a Welsh theme is pretty nice, not too hard either. I found some of the Bellini a little trickier, especially the end passage. But also some really nice melodies.

    Ive played through the Strauss Rondo No2 and that also has some pretty tricky parts, but its a very good piece!
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    Give me a couple of days to finish my exams and I'll send you an in depth assesment of most of the pieces (I've played most of them).

    That's providing I'm still alive by the end of my exams (Physics finals if you're wondering)
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    I did the Partita (I assume it's the same one, but we're talking 10-12 years ago) and the Strauss Rondo. I swear I stumbled upon the music last week, so I'll dig it out and give you a run down.
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    Hi Ryan, played most of them. The Horn grade 8 list hasn't changed too much over the years due to lack of repertoire.

    The Bellini is a nice arrangement by Dr. Roy of part of an oboe concerto. It's one of those ones that looks easy on the paper but its not as easy to pull off stylistically, well worth a look.

    The Clews myself I found rather cheesy and if memory serves, in a rather strange key? I didn't have it out too long anyway.

    The Golland sonata is a very good piece of music, catchy and not too cheesy but still a good test, think it's still used on the pieces list for the 1st few years of most music college courses.

    Episode is a nice piece which can sound quite technical but still being under the fingers for the most part. Nice and lyrical in sections and also virtuosic in others.

    Variations on a welsh has become one of the warhorses in the repertoire over recent times, somewhat overplayed, but then again there is always a reason for something to be overplayed. Technically its not too hard at all.. like Ben said, a little double/triple that can easily be avoided if fancied, slow passages, fast passages, even a little cadenza. Has it all really.

    Havn't played this arr. of the Czardas or the Verdi, and only just touched on the Snell so can't really comment.

    Masquerade is a nice piece, quite technically demanding, and stamina-wise too as it has a lovely lyrical high section through the middle of the piece sandwiched between two faster sections with a bit of optional but impressive sounding lip-slurring in the latter half.

    Pretty sure I've definately played the Strauss but can't remember which one it is offhand. Don't think I've played the Escapade.

    The Wiggins is nice, but not very hard and I find it very cheesy

    The Wood Concertino I like, would need rehearsals with the pianist though as some of it is hard to put together, comes in 2 versions, a shortened and an extended version with a cadenza, not sure which is used for grade 8 nowadays. Either would be a good choice though, can be a little cheesy in places but it leaves ample opportunity for interpretation which plenty of dynamics and tempo changes throughout. If its the extended version the written cadenza is very good too.

    Hope this helps a little.
  9. Thanks guys for your comments so far! Keep them coming as I'm sure I'm not going to be only teacher (or pupil) who will find this information useful.

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    Eileen Clews Partita for Horn: 3rd movt (Finale-Brillante)
    6/8, 4# with the occasional double sharp accidental.
    Looking at it now, it doesn't look particularly challenging. There are a couple of top Bs, a few top As and the rest is in comfortable range (it does go down to bottom G near the end). No need for double or triple tonguing.
    I wouldn't say it's "cheesy", but it's not the most inspiring of melodies.

    Richard Strauss Horn Concerto no.2 in Eb: 3rd movt, Rondo
    Not the Horn Rondo everyone thinks of (which is the 4th concerto).
    6/8 (with some duplet bars thrown in), C major but with some brief modulations.
    Uses full range of instrument F#-C. Spends a little whil at the top register, including some high stuff near the end. Just found two top Ds near the end!
    Definitely a piece for a player with confidence in the top register and a bit of stamina.
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    . . . and is also by Mozart :eek: ;)
  12. lucretia

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    Good point :oops: And I even had the music to both in front of me while writing that post!