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    Hi all whilst there is currently a "cornet gig-bag" thread going on I thought I would ask about a Horn Gig-Bag. The GIG make advertise a Baritone Horn GIG bag. I am unsure if this is a bag with a mould suitable for both Bariton, or Horn, I wouldn't have thought so but.....

    I don't have the largest budget in the world but was wondering if anyone could point me in the way of having found a good Horn bag??

    thank you all
  2. Accidental

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    The GIG baritone bag would definitely be too big for e tenor horn. They made tenor horn sized ones too; if you can get your hands on one they're good bags
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    Hi there, I was the one who was looking for a cornet gig bag for my daughter, but I play tenor horn and recently got myself a tom & will gig bag, £50 including postage from Normans. I find it excellent, loads of pockets, nice colour, very stylish!
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    I bought a Fusion Urban gig bag for my Flugel about 8 months ago, its sturdy, ample protection for the bell of the instrument, lots of pockets for stuff, backpack style that is fully adjustable but also has side and top handle to pick up easily and it still looks brand new. No fraying from the weight of the instrument and what I'm carrying etc.

    They will set you back a fair amount but this is possibly the best gig bag I've ever had, I struggled to find any other product out there offering the amount of protection and finish.

    Definitely worth spending the money if you're serious about a gig bag that lasts.

    Fusion Urban Tenor Horn / Alt Horn Gig Bag / Hybrid Case

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    Look at a Bach double trumpet bag works well and a few n eBay in leather.