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    Hi, just wondering can anyone advise on the best horn gig bag for a new Neo??
    I don't want a Tom&Will!! but had a look at the leather Bach case and the Soundware Professional Tenor Horn Case (http://www.trevadamusic.co.uk/index....product_id=757). Yes they are a lot of money but has anyone here used any of these or could possibly recommend a good case??
    Many thanks
  2. I was looking at a reunion blues band and think this will work as I noticed DK's partner Rosie using one at a recent rehearsal.

    Cheaper still if you're getting this gig bag for carry on luggage in air travel would be .... buy one of those cheap chinese tenor horns. The cost about 250 AUD including a case.

    Send the horn to the Salvation Army and stipulate the instrument goes on missionary service (which is what I did, mine to Papua New Guinea) but they come in a nice light black zip up case which fits the Neo perfectly and I consider the horn would be safer when going in an overhead luggage compartment.

    Also the new "Best Brass" Japanese aluminium practice mutes work well in the Neo. Get a bass trombone or french horn one (I suspect they are the same mute.)

    My Neo case is safely stored away in the box for on selling at some date in the future and you're not worried if its going to disappear at a contest venue.
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    I have a gig bag from Fusion, supplied by the Neville brothers at brass accessories. Sturdy bag and lots of storage!
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    I use a Fusion Triple Trumpet bag. good design and works well for Horns.


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    Hi Guys many thanks for the replies and input. i'll have a look at the fusion as you suggest
    thanks again
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    I tried a Bach case and it was really difficult to get the bell in and out, I felt like I was going to bend the bell - I sent it back. I think the bell of my Stirling (and probably a lot of the newer, larger bore horns, inc Neo?) is slightly bigger than the older Sovs etc, which I guess the cases were originally designed for.
    Now I've got a Virtuosi gigbag, which isn't too bad, and is nice and light for cycling with. It's really easy to get the horn in and out too. The padding is OK but you have to be a bit careful with it (I always put it in a hard case if I'm going on a coach!)



    Hi Joanna, thanks for your reply and information, its greatly appreciated!!..i was wondering about the bell size problem!! I will have a look at the Virtuosi gigbag as you suggest and check prices etc.
    thanks again for the info.regards
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    The Neo fits the Fusion. Mines in one now.

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