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    I'm struggling to get a new case for my globe stamp tenor horn. The case I have is ok, but the mouthpiece is not secure in the specific compartment and I'm worried it will eventually mark/dent my horn, also there is nowhere to store valve oil, a lyre etc. I bought a Walstein one, but the supplying company cancelled my order as they had none in stock and Tomandwill are also out of stock. Any recommendations? Thanks :)
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    I just bought a globe stamp horn and it came with a new case very similar to the one here:


    The horn fits in superbly and there's a pocket in the side for music, lyres etc.

    *edit no 1* on closer inspection of this case I think it's that one exactly that mine came in. Unless you're planning to jump up and down on the case, or transport it under a set of timps I think it'll be fine!
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