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    I was listening to fridays "Listen to the Band" on my way in to work this morning, which featured small ensembles for a change. It was very good and well worth a listen, but it reminded me how awful our 10 piece repertoire is.

    I've had a search through the forums (and a bit of a google) for 10 piece music and not brought up much other than the Hallamshire Music range, which we already have much of, and is pretty dated.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of particular pieces, or publishers/sites to look at?

    We mainly do weddings, and this fact cuts out quite a few numbers anyway, such as Solitaire, Goodbye to Love, etc lol!
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    Studio Music have a lot of the PJBE/London brass stuff in print. All good stuff. In some cases they rewrite the F horn parts for an Eb horn.

    Have a chat with you very own Mr Platts Bass Trom paprtper extraordinaire. He can point you in the way of the wise :)
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    Matt Kinston has some great 10 piece stuff here.
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    There's a considerable selection here
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    Thanks guys, lots of stuff to look at now :)
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    You need to have a Musical Director who arranges like we have.........heehee