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  1. TheMusicMan

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    OK, having read and been involved in a few recent threads on tMP - mainly about the movement, how we could/should change, etc, I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread where we look to promote our successes. We can learn from what has worked for others, emulate these successful traits and maybe do something to help ourselves, that has worked for others.

    So... tell us about how you managed to get and keep a full contingent of players, how you got a full audience at your last few concerts, how you made it into the media obtaining good PR for your band.

    Let's hope there's not '0' replies to this thread in a week or so's time eh!
  2. DublinBass

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    I have to say that tMP has been most helpful for my wife and I when traveling to the UK. We have always been able to find some bands to play with for a concert, contest, or just have a blow for a rehearsal. The fact that there are so many people from various bands communicating on this forum, it really saves time over trying to e-mail bands individually.
  3. Will the Sec

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    Not necessarily in this order, but...

    1) Young compsers have pieces of music out in the real world as a result of contacts made on tMP.

    2) We have all benefited from the presence of illustrious composers such as Philip Sparke, Alan Fernie and others.

    3) An informal "how do you do that" network has been born, with topics ranging from Sibelius to SLR cameras to registering for CRB checks to tips on public performance to how to compere a concert.

    4) We have gained two players from recruitment corner - other bands have gained many more, as is clear from the updates in band's posts in the forum.

    5) We have helped in some way to the development of Brass Band Aid (though Briony and Bob take the lion share of the credit, of course!!)

    6) We have let every single band in the country know that whilst the numbers of bands and players are no longer the same as in days of old, the heart of the movement is as willing as ever.

    7) With the tie in to IBEW, tMP has shown that co-operation with apparently or potentially competing web sites can be very benificial.

    8 )tMP has attracted people from all over the world - Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, Holland, Belgium, India, Sweden, Norway that I can think of - probably more.
  4. tpcornet12

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    If I read the thread correctly it is not only tMP successes that you are looking for so I will share something about our band specifically...

    One thing that has really impressed me since returning from London to full-time banding is the amount of effort that is being put in to develop young players in our area. We have a number of youngsters that come to rehearsals (sometimes just the 1st half) and sit in and have a go! They seem to be learning very fast and although they may not be contesting members I am sure a number of them will be in the "not too distant" future.

    Even last night we had about 5 or 6 sitting in - including a very young kit drummer. At one part of the rehearsal the principle sat with the drummer to help him read the music while the rest of the band carried on. The drummers dad was stood at the back looking very proud.

    This is the success of our band. The way everybody welcomes young players and helps them to develop is a credit to them. Also the patience our conductor shows them will prove essential for us to have a full band for many years to come. Success is evident also in that our training band (conducted by our principle) now have more members than the senior band.
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  5. TheMusicMan

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    Yep - very grateful to Will and Pat regarding the nice comments re tMP, but I was looking in fact, for your banding success stories.

  6. My band, Chalgrove from Oxfordshire, have had a great 2007 so far, we are currently the L & SC 4th section champions, after success at Stevenage, we have now recruited a couple of really good players, and because we are victims of our own success, we are having to move out of our current bandroom, to a bigger venue, because of the noise in a low ceiling room. , we are off to Minehead in August for a 'banding' weekend followed shortly afterwards by a visit to St James park in London.

    We are obviously now starting to prepare for our visit to Harrogate in September, for the bands first crack at the Nationa final's.

    So we have had a great 2007 , looking forward to 2008 and the 3rd section
  7. robcav

    robcav Member

    Hats off to tpcornet12 and Bollington Brass Band. There's only one way to ensure the future of your band and that of the movement which is to grow your own. At Skelmanthorpe there is a thriving B band which is heading for Harrogate in a few months and a 'nippers' band.

    Whilst contest success is an important factor in motivating and enthusing the existing players and potentially attracting new ones, successful concerts are even more important in raising the band's profile within the community. Concerts are the main revenue generators for most bands so you've got to make sure you put on something which will attract the punters and keep them coming back. To this end, Skelmanthorpe have, over a number of years, organised concerts at Huddersfield Town Hall featuring vocal artists whose careers are on the up and up in their classical fields. This is, of course, a risk but I think bands have to take a few risks if they want to generate some interest from the public and some revenue, and it's a risk that has so far paid off for us. The concerts have been virtual sell outs because we're attracting from more than one audience base.This year we had the tenor Alfie Boe and soprano Becky Jane Taylor, and in previous years Hayley Westenra, Katherine Jenkins and Aled Jones. Make no mistake, concerts like this take a lot of organisation and as soon as one concert is over, the planning for the next year's concert begins. We're lucky in having a concert secretary who works really hard but it has to be a team effort. Advertising material and its distribution, press releases and media links, sponsorship, arrangements of music for joint items, programme compilation, and someone to organise the flowers for the artist - the list goes on.
    I suppose what I'm getting at, and it won't be a surprise to anyone who's organised similar events, is that a successful concert requires a lot of hard work, planning and organisation over and above the music making side of things. The music making was great of course - but I would say that wouldn't I.

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