Telford School Band Members Brave Wintry Weather

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    Members of the award-winning Showband from the Abraham Darby Specialist School for the Performing Arts, Madeley, Telford braved arctic weather to attend a rehearsal last Sunday morning despite a heavy snowstorm and four or five inches of lying snow in readiness for a number of forthcoming festivals and competitions.

    The Showband are busy working for the National Festival of the National Concert Band Festival, which is being held at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow on Saturday 8th April. This appearance at this National Festival represents their seventh consecutive appearance at this National Festival, which has seen them returning with National Gold Awards from the previous six consecutive finals. The School’s Jazz Band is also appearing at the same National Festival having been awarded five National Gold Awards in the last six years.

    Earlier on 26th March the School is hosting a regional qualifying heat for Music for Youth and the Showband is one of the five senior bands that the school has entered in this year’s Festival and has returned from the National Festivals held in London and Birmingham with National Outstanding Performance awards for the last four consecutive years.

    Simon Platford, the School’s Director of Performing Arts and the conductor of the successful Showband said “that he was extremely impressed with the dedication shown by all the band members who attended the rehearsal – this is complete evidence if it was needed of their commitment and dedication. I must admit that when I woke on Sunday morning and saw the heavy snowfall I thought that not many would turn up however when I arrived at the school nearly half of the Showband had already arrived wondering where I had got to. I sincerely hope that this dedication and commitment is rewarded.”
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