Telford Jubilee Band

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  1. Hi Folks, thought Id let you all know about a new venture in Telford Shropshire.
    We have just started up a new band in the area. We are known as Telford Jubilee Band.
    After 5 rehearsals and lots of sleepless nights, we are well and truly up and running.

    Tonight we moved into a new home in the grounds of Madeley Academy. We will be working in tandem with the Academy, providing tuition for the Academy's students, in return for free use of the rooms of the Academy.

    We are made up of a group of friends who felt there was a place for a lower level band in the area. Although working with the students of the school, as well as a number of other young players from the area, we also boast some talented "mature" players.

    We would like to put our thanks on record to the Head and Deputy Head of the Academy, Mr Vic Maher and Lady Satchwell, for their help, along with the help of Terry Luddington, of the BFBB.

    Thanks for reading.

    Craig Foskett, (conductor)