Telford Band Hits The Road To Chepstow

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    The band members of the award winning Abraham Darby Specialist School for the Performing Arts, Madeley, Telford will leave early in the day next Sunday (27th November) to travel to the West of England/South Wales Regional Festival of the National Concert Band Festival that will be held in Chepstow. Both the Showband (sponsored by Newport Chiropractic) and the School’s Jazz Band will be competing and will be hoping to achieve regional Gold Awards which will result in an invitation to participate in the National Festival which will be held in Glasgow in April 2006.

    Both of the school bands have achieved unprecedented success at the National Festival in previous years with the Showband having achieved six consecutive National Gold Awards and the Jazz Band having secured five National Gold Awards in the last six years with the last four awards being in consecutive years.

    The Showband will be performing Concert Prelude written by Phillip Sparke, Global Variations by Nigel Hess and a piece entitled As all the Heavens were a bell by the American composer Bocook which was written following the tragic events of 9/11. The Jazz Band programme includes Old School, Count Bubba, Body & Soul and Ol Man River.

    Simon Platford, the school’s Director of Performing Arts said “that he and all the band members were pleased to be participating in Chepstow and were looking forward to the event at this Regional Qualifier as the hosts have always made us feel most welcome. The school bands have enjoyed the unprecedented success in this prestigious National Festival as a result of long hours of dedication and hard work over many years – and hopefully all this work will be rewarded with an invitation to play in the National Festival in Glasgow next April”.
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