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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by andywooler, Jul 16, 2008.

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    A serious post for a change - I am currently the victim of unwanted telephone calls made at god awful hours (between midnight and 6 am , it varies) where the phone rings and when you pick up, it plays the Simpsons theme. First call goes to my mobile, second to our land line.

    We have anonymous call barring already but can't do this on both phones - I have one relative who needs hospital treatment from time to time and need to be available.

    3 questions:

    1) Does anyone know how this might be being done? I suspect some kind of automated call service is doing this. (PM me if you know rather than alert others on how to do this!).

    2) Has any one here been on the receiving end of the same thing?

    3) Do I really need the police involved to get my phone provider to disclose who is doing this? (They have been able to trace but won't tell me!)

    All help gratefully received - I just need a good nights sleep!
  2. TheMusicMan

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    Why on earth won't they tell you Andy...? If they are not going to then surely they must pay this person a visit.

    Sorry you are experiencing this, I hope it gets sorted soon.
  3. andywooler

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    The wonderful Data Protection Act - wouldn't be right to infringe the originators civil rights now would it!
  4. Di B

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    Can you ask the phone company to block the number from calling you without telling you who it is? Sure BT used to be able to. Tell them that the calls are harassing you and you are prepared to take it further if necessary. Try and speak to a manager or at least a supervisor at the phone company so they know how serious this is and ask for advice. Best of luck.
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  6. 2nd man down

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    Amazing how the data protection act out-weighs the freedom of information act in cases like this isn't it?
  7. michellegarbutt

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    I do actually work for one of the big phone companies. I'll send you a pm with som info on
  8. andywooler

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    Unfortunately, telephone companies aren't covered under the Freedom of Information Act.
  9. StellaJohnson

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    I really enjoy wasting there time and annoying these people.

    Did anyone watch Dom Joly's complaniers where he got his own back on nusience calls??
  10. We experienced a similar scenario last year from a few locals in my town. Phoned my dad pretending to be his work and firing him etc. We had to get the police involved in the end for a variety of reasons as well as phone calls and put in place the barring service (cost so much extra per month or something?) it did work and we've now taken the barring service off and don't receive them. Again, we weren't allowed to know who were they were yet the police managed to trace it I believe. Its a crazy system! Hope you get it sorted.
  11. mikelyons

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    Hi Andy,

    This is an awful thing to keep happening, especally at such a stressful time. I suspect, unless you have been publishing your phone and mobile numbers on t'internet, that it is someone you know - especially as BT have apparently been able to trace the caller.

    Under the Data protection act, I think you can force BT to either change your number or to block calls from the particular caller.
  12. andywooler

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    Thanks for the help and PM's so far.

    We have now got to a point where I believe the land line can at least block these calls - we didn't get one last night when the blocking service was active for the first time although that didn't stop me being awake waiting or it!

    There is a down side and that is that anyone calling us from a corporate or similar may not get through as a lot of company systems are anonymous when calling out.
    Finally, whilst our mobile operator has the number, they can only provide to us with a court order - also, no guarantee the police will tell us either. What we do know is it is not a normal mobile number and has probably come from an automated service of some kind - that is what I now intend to establish so if anyone knows of a web based service which offers some kind of alarm service to your phone, then please let me know.
  13. mikelyons

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    You could always try the tps. They can be contacted online and by phone. It takes a week or so to come into effect, but any commercial number calling you is logged and if you complain I think they can be sued.
  14. andywooler

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    We did that a couple of years ago so don't suffer with a lot of sales calls - we don't even get the silent ones so the TPS does seem to work.
  15. on_castors

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    Am I being too simplistic here?....

    it is clearly deliberate (from the time and nature of what is happening) and only the official route is going to sort things for you, so for quickest quiet, buy/get a free new sim card and have the landline number changed, be VERY VERY careful who you dish the numbers out to, and there you are!

    Even quicker solution to needing calls to get through at night, stick a sim card in an old or cheap mobile, and use that only for out of hours calls IN, by unplugging the phone.
    (Panasonic DECT phones have a night mode, so you don't necessarliy have to switch off completely)
    Again give the new number only to those who NEED to know it.

    Did this some years back, and the landline change of number was free as it was related to nuisance calling.

    Oddly I had TWO calls today related to sales, yet I have TPS, they still get through, although not 1% as often :)
  16. WoodenFlugel

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    Thats rubbish service Andy. My wife had a few nuisance calls to her mobile last year - basically some foreign bod trying to befriend her (no doubt with intentions of gaining entry to the UK!! :eek:). She rang her service provider (O2) who immediately blocked his number - no questions, no hesitation, and the problem stoppped straight away. IMO its the least they could do.

    Remember with mobile contracts in particular you hold a decent hand, ring them and start making noises about going to one of their competitors and you'll be amazed at what they will offer! If you have a PAYG phone then I'd just bin it and put up with the small amount of inconvienence in telling people your new number, but at least that's better than recieving unwanted calls in the small hours.

    Anyway I hope this helps in some way, sorry to hear of your problem, and I hope you get it sorted soon.
  17. andywooler

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    The calls have now stopped on my mobile as well. This appears to have coincided with my making it known that my provider had the identity of the caller ready for the police should I decide to take that route.
  18. mikelyons

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    How coincidental!

    I'm glad it has stopped. Quite apart from the obvious nuisance value, these people need their heads examining.
  19. andywooler

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    One fional request - we have traced on phone number - does anyone out there have the CD's? I understand that with the CD, a reverse lookup can be done (which can't in the on-line version)
    Please PM if you do.

    Many thanks

  20. 2nd man down

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    Good luck tracking these idiots down...sounds like the nets closing in...