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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by stotty74, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. stotty74

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    Having registered with my bank for online-banking, i thought this would make paying bills easier and quicker.

    When i first registered, there was a problem with my login details, so i called the Technical Support Team for advice, expecting (naively) that my query would be dealt with promptly and pleasantly. The attitude of the advisor on the other end, although not offensive or anything like that, was quite rude and abrasive. But my query was eventually sorted, so i let it go as a one-off.

    On Monday evening, again there was a problem, so i messaged them asking for advice, but by 9pm last night i had received nothing, not even an acknowledgement of the query. So i called the number again. The person on the other end was again rather rude as soon as she picked the phone up!! I explained the problem, and without going into too much detail(!!), she told me THEIR database didn't recognise the details i was entering and that i should call another company to deal with it!! When i asked why i should do that, as it was a problem with their database, again she became very rude and abrupt.

    In the end, as the conversation was going nowhere and i was starting to feel quite angry (and anyone that knows me knows this is a very rare occurence), i told her i was unhappy with the level of service she provided, her attitude towards a long-standing customer and that her manner was awful and i would be making a complaint. Now i have never made an official complaint before, but as i was so frustrated i again messaged the bank to express how i felt, and asked them to reply within 72 hours, and if not i would look at switching banks (was thinking of doing this anyway!!)

    Is this a common problem? Do you ever call these lines to be frustrated with the level of service at the other end? I know a lot of computer helplines have these complaints, but does it ever feel like the tech guys at the other end would rather be on their machines than talking and helping the people that are paying them?!?!? I apologise to any tech bods out there, but do these people have any social skills? Do these companies that employ them provide any sort of customer services training?

    Sorry about the rant, but needed to get it off my chest.
  2. Cornishwomble

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    I had exactly the same problem with Sainsburys when I took out a credit card with them. I had problems with the online side of things and when I phoned the tech support got a very bad attitude from them.
    They even asked me questions about my address, date of birth and what I had spent on the card, which I answered correctly (I know where I live, I know when I was born and I had a statement in front of me!) only for them to tell me I'd failed the security questions and that I would now have to write in and request my login details.

    I told them that they should stick to selling carrots and shut the account down there and then!
  3. tubafran

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    Yep I find those "help lines" in the banking sector to be appalling - try and contact a bank for some simple information e.g. I have all the account numbers for our band account and needed to locate the address of the branch - it was originally set up in a branch in Morrisons.

    So you ring the same number for every branch in the world and get the automated response asking for the account number, sort code etc then the dam thing asks for your date of birth and 2 security numbers - I only wanted to know the address of the bank based on the sort code - clearly the information they have on record isn't going to be my birthdate.

    Eventually having listened to 3 separate recorded menus the option to actually talk to a human being eventually comes up - questions asked information given - why not let the first option be "press 1) if you want to talk to someone - press 2) if you want to hang around for the next 20 minutes listening to lots of menus and then eventually return to the first menu because you've now forgotten why you rang up in the first place - Thankyou your call is important to us that's why we let you listen to this recorded dribble for hours on end while we all have a laugh looking at how many "customers" are on hold just waiting to hear our dulcit tones"
  4. Andy_Euph

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    Exactly why I hate phoning the bank, they are either from another country and can hardly speak english or they just can't be bothered with you're query and try to palm you off on another department
  5. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    "Welcome to Customer Services

    Press 1 for a rude and unhelpful know it all

    Press 2 for a very nice person who is completely useless

    Press 3 for a twenty minute wait listening to 'Fur Elise' on a stylophone

    Press 4 to speak to someone in an Indian Call Centre who insists you live in PLAY STOW and not Plaistow

    Press 5 if you want to speak to the wrong person

    Press 6 if you want to speak to some who is on their lunchbreak and will talk to you later

    Press 7 to be cut off without reas..."
  6. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    The original was a Kit Kat advert - very possibly my favourite radio advert of all time...
  7. DaveR

    DaveR Active Member

    LOL - so it is you that does it!!! I often wondered! :rolleyes:

    In defence of Customer Support helplines, I work on one (not for a bank though - it's an IT company) and we do an annual survey of customer satisfaction. Last year we got 89% and this year we got 94%! :clap:

    Still room for improvement though! :biggrin:
  8. andyp

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    The quality of helplines is variable - even within the same company. My phone company also provides my broadband, the broadband side are helpful, efficient, and have good comms. The phone side are hopeless.

    P.S. as a tech support guy I don't take offence, some of the places we have to phone leave a little to be desired too!
  9. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    Technical "Support"!!! Digital TV....

    Sky+ was installed two days before the world cup.

    The previous signal was good, bar the usual bad weather problems.

    The new Sky+ and sky multi room signal is intermittent, and poor. Some stations are unavailable; some break up badly.

    After a particularly annoying incident, where I've set the box to record my favourite - "Cold Case" – and it fails - I call them up.

    I ask for a Saturday. They say 30th September.

    I say no. Two reasons. 1. It's too far off, and 2. It's my wedding day. (They say "Can't you reschedule the wedding?"***)

    ***OK, they didn’t.

    After hours of wrangling I eventually agree to a Wednesday appointment, necessitating a wasted day's leave.

    The engineer phones at 8.37 and says he'll be around between 1 and 5.

    Cue commencement of silent seething.

    He arrives at 4.18 and says "It's that tree, mate. The dish can't "see" past it."

    I ask what he can do about it.

    "I can move the dish, but it'll cost you."

    Hang on, says I, if the dish is in the wrong place, then it's because a Sky engineer put it there.

    Cue phone calls to base and arguments about "why should I do it for only £7 when someone else didn't take a reading when the Sky+ was put in?"

    The attendant engineer advises me that the engineer who installed the Sky+ should have taken a reading and advised me that the dish needed to be re-sited. (Even if it was chargeable.)

    He duly departs, (after his dog had cr***ed on the neighbours flowers...) and I am assured the installing engineer and a supervisor would be around later that night. (It was already 5pm by this point.)

    No-one came. No-one called.

    The following day, I am off work, but am off work for a reason other than waiting in all day for an engineer to turn up. I duly leave my abode at 7.35am and do not return until gone 4pm.

    I phone Sky.

    "What's going on?"


    I explained the farrago, and was told that the visit would have to be rebooked - they would not have agreed to come out the same night. I explained that they did. No, I was told, this does not happen.

    OK, says I, this time, I want you to listen, and then NOT tell me that that which I have just uttered did not occur.

    "Ermmmmmmm.... they called this morning but you were out."

    "DUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!!!!! Of course I was out. This was supposed to be sorted yesterday. I want to speak to the people dealing with this locally."

    "I'll give them your number. They will call you today (Thursday)."

    They didn't.

    So, this lunchtime, I ring up again, go through the usual raft of options (and a message saying that the call may be recorded) give out all my details again, to be told that the visit would have to be rebooked.

    "I hope this phone call is being recorded", says I.

    "We wouldn't do that!"

    "Well the recorded message says you might. I hope you do, so the powers that be can hear the rubbish I've gone through."

    After going through the whole saga again, twice asking the lady to let me finish, she then accused be of being rude. "You don't have to talk to me like that etc."

    I object to this - it's a tactic we've all come across before - if the call centre can’t deal with your query and you won't accept "We'll call you back" you get accused of being rude.

    I didn't comment on that, but went back to the topic in hand.

    Contact was made with the local engineers again. They declined to speak to me directly but would call me back.

    "What, like yesterday?"


    "Thank you for calling Sky+. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

    "Yes, I'd like to speak to your supervisor."

    ".... What about?"

    "That you chose to use the "you're rude" card rather than being helpful."

    "... She's busy."

    "I'll hold."

    "..." Cue more canned rubbish that is supposed to be soothing.

    "I'm sorry she's till busy."

    "OK, then I'll suggest to you, as someone with more years service dealing with the public than you’ve been born, that if you can't differentiate assertiveness from rudeness the Sky has a responsibility to train you until you can."


    "Good day."

    I’m expecting free moving of the dish, and at least six months free subscription as a result of this.
  10. stotty74

    stotty74 Member

    Well, well, well. I'm rather surprised, but my bank actually replied to my complaint :shock: (and eventually the query that i had brought up in the first place!!). This is their reply:

    Thank you for your e-mail enquiry dated 24/08/2006, regarding your experience when contacting our technical help desk.

    We are most surprised and disappointed that you have not recieved the expected courtesy and support that you should expect when contacting the ' help desk', please accept our full apology for this. It would be helpful if you can supply dates, times, and the number you called from in order that we can trace your calls and the adviser (s) involved.

    Please be assured that we take this complaint very seriously indeed as we expect our advisers to offer our customers the very best service , support, and courtesy.

    I trust that this is in order and of assistance to you, however should you have any additional enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    I now understand the solution to my query (i think!!) but if their advisor had given me this information in the first place, it would have been fine and there would have been no need for this complaint in the first place.
  11. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    - were you told that certain ISPs could not access some banking sites because of an error on their part? (I know Wannadoo/Orange was mentioned!).
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  12. stotty74

    stotty74 Member

    No, the problem was that the company i was trying to pay was not set up in their authorised biller's list, and the answer was to set up a funds transfer.

    The problem arose because they had changed their site and all of my payee's had to be re-registered. Whereas previously i had set up the payee and a payment went through, regardless of them being on any database, if each company was not on their new authorised database, then a funds transfer was necessary instead.

    Dead simple answer to an even simpler query, which has resulted in a complaint being made to the bank which wasn't really necessary. If the advisor had told me this in the first place, and pointed me in the right direction instead of telling me to call a company that runs their database (why should i call them i asked!!), then there would not have been a problem. Once i had read their email answering the query, i had sorted it within 10 minutes.

    Hopefully this will just encourage them to improve their customer services (or not!!)
  13. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    - that's what the complaints procedure for any company should be for!
  14. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    The follow up to this was that no-one called me back by the time I left work at 5.45 to meet Nina.

    When we got in, I phoned again, and held on for 45 minutes before being connected. I asked if they would call me back as I objected to paying for a call relating to their bad service. "We can't do that , sir." :confused:

    I had to explain the whole thing again, and be ategorically told that the visit would have to be rebooked. I got them to agree that the resiting should be at Sky's expense, but then the issue of the date cropped up again.

    "Saturday 16th September."

    "Not good enough. Get me an earlier one."

    "I can't."

    "Yes, you can. You know the service I've had has been dire - pay someone some extra money to come and do the work Saturday week."

    "I can't."

    "OK, then put me onto someone who can."

    "No-one can, sir."

    "So, from what you've just said, can I take it that you are the most senior person in Customer Service, and that you report to no-one?"

    "Well, no sir."

    "Then I can speak to your manager, maybe?"

    "There's no need to be rude, sir."

    "...Your supervisor, please."

    Cue more canned music.

    23 minutes after the call was answered, I speak to a supervisor.

    Having explained it all again, Carl the supervisor actually apologises for the service problems and the lack of return calls. He cannot, though, alter the date. So, I ask to speak to his manager.

    OK, he says, sighing, goes away, but comes back promising that his team leader would call me back after the meeting she'd just gone into. OK, says I, she can call at anytime up to midnight.

    So, at 12.20, I went to bed, happy as Larry, with an appointment for Sunday 27th August agreed, and a year's worth of free channels on account of all the **** endured.

    Oh, no – that was what I wanted. What I got was another broken promise, and no call back.

    Saturday PM - I ring again. I immediately ask to speak to a team leader, and an attempt to fob me off is made until I ask if the operator knows what a mystery shopper is. ;) They do, and i get put through.

    The team leader takes the call, but asks for all my details -again. (You'd think by now that they'd know them by heart.)

    Eventually he says "It has been rebooked - for the 2nd September."

    OK – the team leader from Friday night took some affirmative action – but STILL should have rung me back to confirm this date was OK.

    It's a partial victory, as is his agreement that the re-siting of the dish should be at Sky's expense.

    I will await with glee the arrival of an engineer, and if he is not fully briefed, it will be another chapter of my letter of complaint that is already looking like it will be as long as War and Peace.

    I'll keep you posted....

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