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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Chunky, May 27, 2004.

  1. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    Can any of you technical gurus help please. My PC 'locked up' this evening. Would not respond to Ctrl+Alt+Del to end task.

    When it did screen went blank and I got an error message stating I had a probelm with the 32 drivers or something!

    Tried to restart, when I did I got the usual Windows not closed down properly scanning disk message etc. It completed scan OK and started fine.

    However when it did restart there was a problem with my burning software Nero, like in the task bar there was a big exlamation mark over the nero icon.

    I uninstalled Nero. Put Nero CD rom in CD rom drive and nothing. Clicked on My Computer and no sign of my 2 CD rom drives. Any ideas PLEASE!!!
  2. kate_the_horn

    kate_the_horn New Member

    are u on XP?

    k x
  3. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    98 If I remember.
  4. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    Running 98. Have since found that I have a problem with Primary and secondary IDE drivers. Says they are not working properly and error is code 10?
  5. Fishsta

    Fishsta Active Member

    1) Hold down the Windows key and tap "Pause Break"
    2) Go to the performance tab
    3) Is there any message about "MS-DOS Compatibility mode"?

    Narrows it down to 2 possibilities:

    Virus infection
    Driver corruption

    Assuming you have virus protection, let's assume it is the lesser complication... try and reload your IDE drivers. Failing that, your motherboard drivers.

    Set a System Restore point first or take a full backup if you have System Restore disabled.

    If you're scared of altering your drivers, post back here with an answer to the "MS-DOS Compatability" question first, and I'll do some more answer hunting for you.
  6. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    Fishta, thanks for the initial help.

    I did as you suggested and on the performance tab it stated:

    Compatability-mode paging reduces overall system performance

    Drive C is using MS-DOS compatability mode file system.

    To re-install drivers I need to insert CD-Roms provided with machine and of course my machine cant see them. I tried to up date the drivers via the net, but machine said I was using the most up to date.

    Thanks for this I do appreciate your help
  7. Fishsta

    Fishsta Active Member

    OK, so it is either a virus or driver corruption.

    Do you have virus protection? And up to date, too?

    Is there a possibility that your CAB files for Windows are on your hard drive? Try looking in c:\windows\options\cabs or searching for *.cab (Press Windows and F to bring up the Find File window, then put *.cab in the search field. You'll know if you've got all the Cabs if you get a load of files that look something like listed in the results. When asked for your Win 98 CD, you can direct it to this directory if they are there).

    The funny thing is that there's a problem with your IDE drivers, and yet your hard drive is obviously working fine.

    I'm a little hazy as to whether there's a problem uninstalling the drivers and letting Windows re-install them on a reboot.

    Can anyone confirm?
  8. cornetchap

    cornetchap Member

    So it could be a problem with the master/slave settings for the IDE channel, this could be rectified in the computer's BIOS settings, or it could actually be a physical problem like a loose or damaged cable. Might be worth taking the cover off the machine and ensuring the cable(s) are all pushed home and that they're not damaged.

    Hmm, not something I'd do, sounds very scarey :evil:
  9. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    Thanks for this Greg. You are dealing with a complete numpty here! How do I rectify in the computers BIOS settings. Will also check cable tonight.

  10. cornetchap

    cornetchap Member

    Well I'm no expert. You'll need to break into the BIOS as your computer boots up this usually requires pressing a key during the early boot sequence, often this is ESC or F1 or DEL, depending on the type and age of BIOS. If you've got a manual for the computer it may tell you in there.

    Usually the hard disk drive (assuming only one) should be the master on the primary IDE channel. Your CD-ROM drive could then be either the slave drive on the primary channel or master on the secondary channel. Your BIOS may be configured to auto detect the devices if this is the case you should leave that alone.

    Having said all of that, given that your hard drive is working I would suspect that the BIOS settings for that at least are okay. It seems that the CD-ROM used to work so again the BIOS settings for that should be okay. The only thing I can think of where the settings may have been reset is that the battery on your motherboard needs replacing. You can verify this by just checking the date when you get into the BIOS. If the date's way out then that's your problem. Is the computer old?

    Reseating the cables for the CD-ROM sounds like a reasonable bet at this stage given the hard drive works. You may also want to vacuum out all the dust that's accumulated inside the case whilst you've got it undone.

    Cheers, Greg.

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