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    I am going to work as a primary teaching assistant in France (teaching english) and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find resources on activities to do with the children (aged 8-11). Games, quizzes, other educational things and general ideas would be a good place to start. I want to make it as fun as possible for them AND make them learn too. Is anyone in this line of work and what approach do you adopt?

    Ginge x
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    I'm not in this line of work either, but have looked up various TEFL sites from time to time - tefl.net could be worth a look. Has resources and other links.
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    THere are loads of brilliant resources online, try the coxhoe school website, this has links to loads of resources sorted into curriculum areas, as has woodlands school in Kent. These tend to vary from teacher resources to games and most things in between.

    The BBC website is also useful - my advice would be to do a search on a topic when you need to, there is so much stuff out there! There is quite a good welsh authority website as well!

    Good luck!
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    www.snaithprimary.eril.net has some great interactive stuff on a range of different topics if you have access to t'internet with the kids. There are also loads of websites with game/resources, as others have said. Google turns up loads so have a search.

    I find that games like bingo and pairs card games (pelmanism?) can be turned to pretty much any purpose and certainly have tons of scope for language teaching. Kids love it too, always a winner in my experience! :D

    Anyway, good luck, hope it goes well. :tup
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    I've just discovered that one! great web site, and came in very handy but oh my god how long must it have taken to put it together?!!

    I've been finding there are generally loads of resources out there, (which is a good thing!) so probably better to wait till you have specific ideas then google it? theres bound to be somethign to help you!
  7. when i was in primary school, our teacher use to teach us nursery rhymes in french... and we all use to remember them because we had a tune to remember the words to, and we all sang it as a class.... no maybe u could do the same but in english....