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    I noticed (after reading Jan's message) that TBDBITL is listed under wind/ concert bands, and I was wondering why it wasn't listed under US Brass Bands.

    It is a member of NABBA and only has brass and percussion...is it because some players use trumpets instead of cornets and we have EEb and BBb sousaphones instead of tubas?
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    Apologies, this was a mistake on my part. You need to be registered on tMP to be able to post in here. I have corrected this now.
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    Happy to move TBDBITL to the brass bands part of the directory. It's sometimes not clear what a band's instrumentation is. The majority of the bands in the brass bands section follow the traditional "British" line up, but there are many versions of all brass/percussion bands and ensembles across the world and the IBEW categorisation is crude at best!
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    That's odd, as I signed in and started the thread, but it has me listed as unregistered...or is there a separate registration for the IBEW forum?
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    Thanks Gavin, much appreciated :D
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    I had the permissions set incorrectly Pat - not your fault, all mine. :)