Tax Relief on collections?

Discussion in 'Bandroom News - User Submitted' started by Alan Sykes, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Alan Sykes

    Alan Sykes New Member

    To our surprise, it appears that street collections (as in Christmas carolling) may be eligible for 25% tax relief, if the band is a Registered Charity and regularly makes Gift Aid claims; even though of course the collections are anonymous and the donors may not be tax payers.
    Seems too good to be true, but we at Wantage Band are going to try for it...there is a limit of £5000 on which you can claim, so the max reward would be £1250.
    Google 'Gift Aid small donations' and select Inland Rvenue for full info.
    Alan Sykes
    Eb bass
    Wantage Band
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