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    Hey everyone,
    I am confused and need help!! I have just started a new job and have been taxed for my first couple of months working there. I am able to claim it back but I don't know how...My employers have given me a P60 but what do I do with it? Do I have to phone somewhere?
    Also the P60 is for 2006/07 and because I started working in March it only has on it my total earnings from that month because it was the end of the financial year. Will I get my tax back from April onwards or do I have to wait until the end of 2007/08??
    A very bamboozled Groovy
  2. i just had to fill in the form when i did it. then they refunded the tax they took off. dunno about the financial year bit...that just confused me!
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    The HR/personnel department should be able to sort it out for you and tell you what's going to happen with it and when. Failing that, ring your local tax office which you'll probably be able to find a reference to on one of your old tax statements; if you haven't got one, just google tax office for people living/working in your area and give them a bell. They're usually quite helpful, although you'll likely end up speaking to someone in the Manchester call centre! lol
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    I'll try and make this as clear as possible - but if you have any questions, let me know.

    The tax year runs between 06/04 and the 05/04 each calendar year.

    We will start with your 2006/07 claim.

    On your P60 there should be the name of your tax office (Something like Nottingham 1). This is the office you need to contact for any questions on tax matters. You can get their number from directory enquiries or online.

    As the tax year has just ended, you can now claim any overpaid tax for the period 06/04/06 to 05/04/07 from your tax office directly.
    They receive a P14 (their equivalent of a P60) from every employer you have had during that year. From this, they can see how much money you have been paid, how much tax you have paid and wether a refund is due.

    You actually have the same information - add up all your P45's and your recent P60 and you can check that they are right!
    Usually, the revenue do ask for copies of your P45's and P60's for a tax claim, but ask your local office directly for guidance. Tax is scary, but they are human - honest!

    Now for the tax after 06/04/07.....

    You cannot claim this refund from the Inland Revenue. This overpayment of tax should be slowly paid back to you over the year.
    This is because when your employers do get your tax code right, the free pay you receive is cumulative and if you have paid too much tax it will be given back to you in your pay packet.
    If you think your employers still have you on the wrong tax code, again, ask your tax office. You have the right to know.

    If you want to, PM me your tax code for this year and I will let you know what the score is.

    Hope this helps
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    What a helpful community we have.
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    I dont know what help this is....

    I started working in a local pub about a month and a half ago... when I started, I filled in the P60 and it was sent away...

    I continued to pay tax on basic rate for a month (the max time it takes to process it), and then when it had gone through, I was then refunded the tax I'd paid over what I should have paid (so the tax on the sheet was £-65).