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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by HBB, Mar 24, 2006.

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    All You wonderful people, a little help please?

    I've just started a new job, been there a month and got my first wage slip today (Yay!)... to find that I'm on a tax code BR and been taxed over £75!!!

    What do I do? I could really use the extra money - i shouldn't be taxed yet surely?

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    - try this Ben ...
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    Oh the joys, wish it was me. Welcome to the wonderful world of the inland revenue Benny. :)

    Unfortunately, yes you should. As soon as you start earning over the basic rate limit your employer will notify the revenue service otherwise they leave themselves and you open to prosecution.
  5. If you're student you should have filled in a P38 form instead of a P46 and that relieves you of paying tax.

    If you've been overtaxed I think you need to fill in some kind of form to claim it back but you'll need to hurry and get it done before the end of the tax year - I think this is 1st April?
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    5th April
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    is that all bunny boy?
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    It's Emergancy tax surely? I got taxed about £75 on my first wage packet. It doesnt seem to make a difference if you are a student, you can claim it back when you leave the Job.