Tameside Youth Band Contest 27/11/05

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  1. well i know this was held today and this is my first time ive not been up there playing or listening for ages just wondering whats happened today
  2. matti_raz

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    SMITHILLS WON *woops and runs round like a mad man*
    Results are, courtesy of moi, hehe-
    1. Smithills School Senior Brass Band 185 pts
    2. Youth Brass 2000 182pts
    3. Poynton Youth,181 points
    4. Stockport Schools Senior 180 points
    5. Wardle High 179 points
    6. Boarshurst Youth 178 points
    7. Sellers Youth 177 points
    8. Wirral Schools Brass 173 points

    Good day all round really!!!! AND 4br are doing a proper review of it!!!!!!
  3. BOB_

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    yorkshire bands were discriminated against:(
  4. Seedhouse

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    Big well done to Youth Brass!!! :D We were ecstatic when we were announced 2nd!!! Bring on Blackpool! :p