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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by tubafran, Jun 8, 2004.

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    That's last years isn't it? :?
  3. tubafran

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    Tameside Full Results - Not

    Whoops :oops: sorry for that - thought our results were a bit odd - thinks - engage brain before opening gob.
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  5. tubafran

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    Thanks Caroline, I have corrected the error and amended the first thread to save confusion.
  6. tubafran

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    Just a note that the previous results posted on 4barsrest don't correlate with those now published by Tameside Council e.g Barnsley Building Society are down for a best 2nd Section at Heyrod but we didn't play there. We did play at Hattersley and that is where I think the prize was won. Suspect the results orders are correct but the place names seem to be mixed up.
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    Glad you can remember where we went!!
  8. MattB

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    The results are certainly mixed up! We have got results in three places we didn't play at!

    Plus the results on brassbandworld.com don't match the Tameside website!

  9. tubafran

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    How to work out correct results from 4barsrest page

    1) Replace Dukinfield with Staylbridge Celtic,
    2) All other place names move down one group e.g Hattersley is actually Dukinfield results
    3) Carry on as above etc

    or just ignore the 4barsrest and go straight to the official Tameside page
  10. samandy

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    Heyrod Contest

    I have just spoken to the contest organisers, and she confirmed to me that Barnsley Buidling Society did play at Heyrod and were awarded best 2nd Section Band.

    Congratulations, Elland Silver were one place behind you.
  11. tubafran

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    Thanks Sam - Results all look right now (did someone change them overnight or did I just get the columns mixed up.

    OK so for the record BBSB did get 1st 2nd section prize at HEYROD. Looks like we just pipped you - it must be all the time Craig (trom) spends playing with that Guggen Band (very relaxed style only).
  12. sunny_jimbob

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    Was gonna say Fran - I spoke to you and Colin at Heyrod! "Mister Stokes! Saw a gathering of hideous green and thought you must be in there somehwere!" - quote of the day!

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