Talented youth at Foss Dyke

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    Bright Young Things
    Chris Hart

    The Foss Dyke Band of Lincoln are all prepared for their first concert without popular principal cornet player Chris Hart, (18 ). Chris has been with the band for 5 years and within that time has built up such a love for music and brass bands that he is to travel to Cardiff to study at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. The Foss Dyke Band wish Chris well for the future and thank him for his fine contribution to the band over the years.
    During his time with The Foss Dyke Band Lincoln, Chris has also helped many other youngsters within the band develop in their playing. The Foss Dyke Band are proud to encourage young musicians from all over Lincolnshire and the band boasts a fine array of young talent.

    Bradley Hanson

    One particular little gem within the band is new player Bradley Hanson (14). Brad is a cornet player who has recently arrived at Foss Dyke, along with his mum Mel on Euphonium. The entire band is impressed with Bradley as he has shot straight into the principal cornet position. Outgoing principal cornet player Chris Hart knows he has left the cornet section of The Foss Dyke Band in good hands. He says “Brad is a very good player - if he keeps going he'll be much better than me!”.

    The young players of Foss Dyke (from top left): Sasha Grau, Evan Key, Rachel Lawson, Ed Roberts, Vicky Frith, Jenn Watts, Andrew Taylor, Steven Butter and Andrew (Woody) Wood.

    It is rare that audiences get the opportunity to see such fresh talent within the brass band movement. Therefore the band’s next performances will be very special concerts, as a host of brand new members have their first opportunity to shine, many performing solos.
    Check out our website for more news about these fine players
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    do you think it is really appropriate to post these pictures of children on this sort of site?
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    We are assured that permission was sought and given, and see no problem in giving such publicity and coverage to those who are not only the future of banding but very much part of the present.
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    Congratulations to Bradley on his well deserved appointment at the higher level.
    Everybody at Market Rasen Band wishes you well in your banding career, and thank you for all of your efforts and service to the band over the past few years.
    Many congratulations.
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    Thanks. I'm sure when Brad becomes a superstar he will always remember the help you gave him, and have fond memories of Market Rasen
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    Excellent moderation. The voice of sanity in a topsy turvy world!

    Sue Grau
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    This is a really nice article. Some good news instead of the doom and gloom that we sometimes get.