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    Muse, the new, groundbreaking festival for symphonic youth wind and brass bands taking place in Singapore over the Easter weekend in 2006 is further living up to its name of Muse - Music for Everyone.
    With the event falling on the Easter vacation (13 – 19 April 2006), instead of asking the public to come and watch the fringe events on Good Friday, the Festival is hoping to take the events to the public by organising performances in public places such as shopping centres and visitor attractions.
    The ethos of the festival is to create a platform for talented young musicians from around the world to perform and to combine cultural experiences, sharing music and values from countries around the globe. By taking performers into the public domain across Singapore, the festival will be extending and making itself accessible to people from all walks of life and creating music across the whole of Singapore.
    Performers, who will come from bands from around the globe, will also take part in workshops and masterclasses prior to the competition day on Easter Sunday, where bands will be awarded bronze, silver and gold honours. Visiting musicians will also be given plenty of opportunity to discover Singapore, one of the most vibrant countries in the world which is an important home for all artistic genres.
    For more information on Muse or to find out details of the 2007 event if your band is interested in attending, log on to: www.orient-explorer.com/musefestival
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