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  1. vonny

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    I have decided to take up a new art - TAEKWONDO! I have read a little about what it entails and reckon i am just the right person for the job of learning. I am intrigued about what TAEKWONDO actually means. I have devised my own personal definition which is TAEKWONDO is a magical art that whoever gets involved disappears.. I certainly feel like disappearing sometimes, but at the moment i am happy with most things in my life :biggrin:

    Yvonne x
  2. Melph

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    I also like TAEKWONDO and try to have it ast least once a week from my local chinese takeaway. I prefer mine with Noodles though, is that unusual?
  3. vonny

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    Oooooooooo it's certainly not unusual, i would like to try TAEKWONDO sweet and sour, apparently the more you eat the stuff the more sour you become ;)
  4. Chunky

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    I like Taekwondo too, but I tend to like it with extra spice and a large dollop of sauce. Of course this should be always followed by toungue in cheek!

    Perhaps the 3 of us should meet up for a session! :biggrin:
  5. vonny

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    SESSION :oops: What do you mean chunks ;)
  6. Melph

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    :redface: :tongue: :oops: :tup
  7. Chunky

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    Well............................. erm......................... a nice session of taekwondo, although not this weekend as I have plans! :biggrin:
  8. Melph

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    I fancy pork balls
  9. brassneck

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    I heard the chops are quite tastee! ... saying in Taekwondo ... if it ain't broke, break it! :p
  10. TheMusicMan

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    I appreciate it's a bit of a laff and fun, but come on folks... threads that are created with some seriousness shouldn't be ridiculed to the point that they no longer have any type of conversation taking place within them that is nothing at all to do with the original post.

    There are plenty of random threads going on without the need to take every single post further off topic.

    I am not wishing to be a stick in the mud, but please play fair yeah...

    Yvonne: please let us know if you wish this thread to be continued.
  11. 2nd man down

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    My kids and I do Jujitsu on a Tuesday evening...I'm told it's the martial art that encompasses most of the disciplines from all the other martial arts. I love it, but I don't half feel stiff and achey on a Wednesday morning!! I think I'm getting old. :frown:
  12. TheMusicMan

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    Both mine have dabbled at TaeKwondo... Lloyd got to one off black belt then despite us asking him to continue, he had had enough and gave in... still packs a mighty punch ans spinning side kick though...

    Heather still does it each week, and has recently got her Red tag (1 1/2 off black belt). When she was 4 she apparantly became the younges person in the UK to have pased yellow belt and we had the press and media all over us. We had the BBC and HTV at our home, and the likes of the Mirror and sunday papers including articles on her. Here's some pics...
  13. Hi vonny,

    I can only apologise for the two plonkers from Cawston, although one of them is currently in Switzerland. They can't seem to resist making stupid comments about eveything. Just slap Chunky when you see him.

    By the way I studied TaeKwonDo for a few years, and if you were interested it means Foot Fist Art. You should use it for self-defence but I will show you some kicks you can practise on a certain bass player.

  14. Steve

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  15. Charmed

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    TaekwonDo means 'Way of the Foot and Hand'. Both my kids passed their Black Belt, my son when he was 9 my daugther when she was 10. My Brother-in-Law is a 7th Dan Black Belt and runs TaekwonDo clubs, 'Kim Stones Taekwon-Do Academies', also a previous World Champion. My sister is a 1st Dan Black Belt, my brother a 5th Dan Black Belt, 4 of my brother's children are Black Belts. Me, well I couldn't stand the work outs!!! Quit at yellow belt and joined a brass band!
  16. vonny

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    John i really enjoyed reading those articles - both heather and Lloyd are very talented. When i was a child i took up karate for a while, but soon gave up because i soon found out i wasn't very good as i didn't seem to progress :(
    I think it's lovely to see see children who become involved with a pastime... In my family, both my daughters Keely and Naomi are musical, and my son (Samuel) is good at art - drawing etc, and i hope he does something with this later in life.

    Yvonne x

    P.S How are you John? I like to ask my friends how they are doing :)
  17. TheMusicMan

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    Very well thanks Yvonne... recovering slowly...;)
  18. vonny

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    That's good to hear John - have you been unwell?
  19. Rapier

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    All Martial Arts have their strengths and weaknesses. I have dabbled in most over the years (admittedly not Taekwondo) Karate being the longest, but for purely a real self defence system, I think Aikido is the best. And I think I have more experience in fights than most members here. ;)

    Enjoy it and reap the extra benefits the increased fitness will bring. :)
  20. Melph

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    Can somebodey fill me on the rules governing the use of marshal arts like this.

    I understand that it is obvioiusly fine to use in self defence (who wouldn't!). What about if aggresion is started by the person trained in marshal arts? Are they then stripped of their belts \ rankings? Do courts consider this more seriously, perhaps the same as using a weapon?

    I ask as many years ago there was a lad, a bully, where I lived who used to go around beating up kids (not me, mostly girls believe it or not) but he continued with his marshal arts with no apparent punishment.

    Just curious.