Symphony for Organ & six tubas (18 of 'em) by John White

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    Lower brass pundits may be interested to hear what is only the second performance of this work since it was written in 1965. You can hear and read about it here This performance is in the Vienna Konzerthaus main hall and uses antiphonal effects as well as massed tubas for some real Brunknerian moments.

    Unusual sound world but worth sticking with.
  2. Dave Payn

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    I'm not a 'lower brass pundit' but I'm quite taken by this work. One disappointment for me personally though, (whilst knowing that I can't compose) is the fact that other than the brief second movement, the tubas and organ don't play together. I'd have been interested to hear more of the combined 'sound world'. Nevertheless, thanks for posting the link.
  3. davetubaking

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    Thanks Dave.

    It is odd to include the Organ and then use it so sparingly and I find quite a bit else about it odd as well. Still the result is interesting. And within 24 hours I had the tuba player of the Beijing Symphony Orchestra in touch about performing it so that's a result.